Approved Swimming Pool Plans

            The builder needs to consider that the swimming pool plans must be approved by the city and usually the health department, before the pool contractor can calculate the gallonage and equipment for the pool.

            These calculations must be made to determine the size and number of risers coming up through the ground into the pool equipment room.

            Here the builder needs to avoid a timing conflict that could occur between building the swimming pool clubhouse, which may contain the swimming pool equipment maintenance room, and getting an approved set of swimming pool plans in time for the pool contractor to size the risers coming up through the concrete slab floor.

            Because the swimming pool is usually one of the last items to be completed in the sales model complex, the builder can mistakenly think that decisions required to finalize the pool plans can be delayed.

            The lack of an approved set of pool plans can then hold up the construction of the poolside clubhouse, thus throwing off the entire model complex completion schedule.

From Lessons-Learned for Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers in Housing Construction, Book 6.

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