Chaos is not What We Observe in the Natural World 1

The first Model-T automobile mass-production assembly-line superimposed an elevated organization and order to a system…that left on its own without guidance…would not sink into a deteriorated state of chaos as if it started-out at a naturally high level of efficiently self-organized function and then dropped-down a level or two if unmanaged…but began at the outset as a new system of manufacturing assembly that needed the thought-filled, upfront attention of initial trial-run debugging…a new reality universally recognized and acknowledged today by mechanical engineers, robotics engineers, project managers, assembly-line workers, and the general public…now put into practice across-the-board for the manufacture of large numbers of identical products from new automobiles to laptop computers.

Computer software language code demands flawless organization and debugged perfection…or the intended software application will be dysfunctional and unusable.

The hundreds of trillions of different cell types in the African elephant are all organized…they function as a whole-unit in a coordinated way…to produce a lifestyle-habit that can survive and reproduce in the predator-rich environment of the African savanna plains.

The strict and limiting taskmaster of price-tag affordability for the first Model-T automobiles coming off the assembly-line…enabled them to successfully fit within a growing American consumer economy…an affordability not based upon serendipitous, accidental, trial-and-error luck…but instead the most targeted and focused, trial-run debugging utilizing the best of human ingenuity and design…aimed at achieving economy through error-free function.

Darwinian macroevolution…in contrast…is built atop a faulty foundation.  It theoretically extrapolates a highly organized, ecologically targeted, and thoughtfully smooth-running micro evolution…into macro evolution…macroevolution that is a fictional construction based upon a measured output of chaotic change…which is an illogical fallacy and a contradiction in terms…if the sole source of this measured chaotic change is blind and mindless…having open-ended boundaries and unlimited borders with the freedom to go in all directions.

Supposed random-chance genetic mutations are defined as being accidental in Darwinian macroevolution…the supply-source for the radically dynamic change that is theorized to produce the origin of species and the vast diversity of life.

This hypothetical mechanism churns-out enough chaos as the fuel for biological macro-change…yet the observed reality in the natural world is the direct opposite of the chaotic freedom of trial-and-error randomness.

Chaos and dysfunction are the counter-productive elements the automobile mass-production assembly-line is trying to get away from.

Chaos avoidance is what the entire notion of proactive, preventive debugging…while the project is still on paper…”pencil erasers being cheaper than concrete erasers”…is supposed to be doing before the actual housing construction starts…with the aim to minimize the negative impact of “putting-out fires” as a daily routine of continual problem-solving during the course of the construction.

Picking-up our cross to follow Jesus Christ into our individually created destines through a God-composed journey of faith life-script…is one of the most highly coordinated and specified things in all of human experience…in terms of well-defined trajectories aimed at purpose-filled end-points.

The accidental, random-chance serendipity of Darwinian macroevolution based upon the atheism of naturalistic materialism…extols and puts-forward the blind, mindless, unguided, indifferent, accidentally generated trial-and-error mutations…assembly-line bugs…as the functional pathway to producing macro-radical change in living organisms.

But adopting Darwinian macroevolution is a recipe for being unscientific…because the measured output of chaos through random-chance luck to produce macro-radical biological change…is the opposite of what we observe in the highly specified functionality in the natural world…is the opposite of the error-free assembly we aim for on the new housing construction jobsite…is the opposite of what we see on the intelligently designed and fully debugged, smooth-running mass-production assembly-line.

Chaos transitioning sharply toward function is not what we see in the completely coordinated, lifestyle habit performance of the hundreds of trillions of living cells that comprise the African elephant…an extremely complex living organism that appears to be near-perfectly debugged.

The scientific research conducted by biologists and paleontologists…who are Darwinists…is anything but chaotic, disorganized, or randomly serendipitous.  Valid scientific research…conducted by humans…matches the orderliness and intelligibility in the phenomenon of the natural world…that we endeavor to study,

Yet the Darwinian hypothesis…inconsistent with the overall phenomenon observed in the natural world…requires a large dose of injected random-chance accidents in order to function as a viable theory.  Without accidental genetic mutations putting-out variant traits that are chosen by natural selection…there is no Darwinian macroevolution.

But the measured output of chaos intentionally and deliberately generated by a mechanism of unguided, random-chance accidents…indeterminate and not well-defined in terms of trajectory aimed towards definite end-point outcomes…is the diametric opposite of the established, matured, and completed phenomenon we scientifically study in the natural world…across-the-board in the wide range and number of scientific disciplines in operation since the start of the modern Scientific Revolution.

Putting-out Fires

Argued from a different direction…anticipation, foresight, proactive prevention, and trial-run debugging…these are all aimed at eliminating or reducing in the workplace the debilitating and energy-depleting daily routine of “putting-out fires”…of problem-solving that could have been prevented ahead-of-time.

Human intelligently designed assembly of complex things has as one of its aims eliminating “fire-fighting” down to zero.

But Darwinian macroevolution…theorized to be the manufacturer of all living things…has as it central energizing feature the steady production of “fires” in the form of accidental genetic mutations…that are then chosen by natural selection to produce improved organisms able to adapt, survive, and reproduce.

Accidental genetic mutations are the only choice for an atheistic worldview of naturalistic materialism…first because materialism does not allow for intelligence to participate in the process…and second that we already observe the occurrence of variant traits being put-out naturally in plants and animals.

But are the genetic variant traits put-out by plants and animals in the wild…entirely accidental…and are they macro in nature and quality?

A truly random and unguided materialistic mechanism would have no control…no fire-breaks…over fires of accidental genetic mutations putting-out variant traits…that were small, medium, or large-sized fires raging out-of-control throughout populations of species of living plants, animals, and microbes…somehow by dumb-luck proportioned in just the right number and perfect extent of severity to fall into place…over eons of time…to create the inconceivably coordinated and interconnected system of common descent.

If the range and severity of “fires” are somehow moderated by a blind and mindless process of “putting-out fires” in the freely random and open-ended borders of accidental genetic mutations…then we should observe in the natural world the differentiated ongoing chaos of small, medium, and massive fires of biological change…raging out-of-control in some cases…in the form of macro-radical variant traits being put-out by animals and plants to be chosen by the natural selection of beneficial features…in an always positive, moving-forward direction….as the normal accepted reality.

What we actually observe in the natural world are small isolated camp-fires…like Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos Islands.

To use again the analogy to new automobiles…these small camp-fires of variant traits utilized for adaptation to different ecological environments…are like the options that car buyers can pre-select as choices when purchasing a new car…or like optional amenities buyers of new houses under construction are given the option to select.

But these examples of options when buying a new car or a new house…are not the chaotic fires of macro-radical change that have open-ended and unlimited borders of available options to choose from…which must be the case for Darwinian macroevolution…if a truly blind and mindless process is at work and in-play.

This is one of the theoretical dead-ends of Darwinian macroevolution…when carried-out its logical conclusion.

For the very thing that everyone is working so hard to avoid at all costs in the manufacturing of products…namely ”bugs”…in Darwinism termed accidental mutations…to be the supply-source for the working hypothesis of a purely materialistic program producing the origin of species and the vast diversity of life…in my opinion…is nonsensical.

Debugging Before, During, and After Completed Assembly 2

The missing requirement of intelligently guided debugging and proactive problem-solving during the embryonic development phase of living organisms…during the assembly process…however that might theoretically occur through a purely materialistic mechanism…leaves a gaping hole in the theory that is logically unfixable unless we add this ingredient of foresight…of a seemingly thoughtful program starting at cell division that guides the development of a particular life-form to a definitive end-point…lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, or human being.

Darwinism theoretically relies upon genetic accidents to fuel variant traits for macroevolution to exploit…yet at the same time assumes the complete absence of an intelligently programmed and guided debugging process during the embryonic development phase …that would produce viable life-forms having enough minimum quality to functionally survive…in the wild.

This fine-tuned balance of just the right supply and type of variant traits…under Darwinism…is chalked-up to mindless and unguided, accidental, naturalistic random-chance.

Darwinian macroevolution ignores the engineering design concept of constrained optimization…the compromise between multiple competing objectives to reach the optimum outcome…that assumes as an irreplaceable factor the complete debugging of the assembly process as a given…to achieve near-perfect function…to achieve optimization.

Quality-control debugging requires exercising…in-the-moment…discretionary structural analysis and preventive correctional solutions as the embryonic cells divide and expand outward to their eventual body-plan locations in the growing life-form…to pre-determined xyz-coordinate points to produce eventual function in terms of survival and reproduction.

But the philosophy of naturalistic materialism will not allow us to entertain any component of thoughtful foresight and guidance…when the prime-mover in the construction and placement of living cells in a living organism…is hypothesized to be nature itself…Mother Nature defined as being a blind, mindless, and unthinking entity.

Naturalistic materialism has to paint…has to define…natural selection as being blind, mindless, unguided, totally indifferent, and a purely trial-and-error, random-chance operation…in accepting and utilizing the beneficial genetic mistakes producing functional survival and reproductive advantages…in order for the study of the biology of life to stay within the boundary lines of being observable, measurable, and quantifiable…to be amenable and accessible to human scientific investigation.

But an explanation for the initial origin…the starting functional correctness of the information content in DNA…prior to birth and therefore prior to post-production performance auditing…is an explanation that is also needed for the origin and precise correctness of the instructional information that tells each new cell where to go and what to do in the dividing and expanding human fetus…during embryonic development.

Darwinian macroevolution needs to explain if and how quality-assurance debugging occurs during the assembly process of living organisms…yet natural selection is incapable by definition of accomplishing this…is eliminated as a participating candidate…because natural selection cannot operate during the embryonic phase while the growing organism is in progressive development.

The question of the thoughtful component of the origin and precise correctness of the information content persists…even after we have exhausted and satisfied our materialistic understanding of how DNA works…because the technical, empirically scientific aspects of how DNA and the embryological development instructions work…do not answer the fundamental questions of where they initially came from and how they came into being…and the precise, uncanny correctness of their operation.

The mass-production assembly-line at the microbiological dimensions of living organisms is light-years in complexity, specificity, and coherent integration beyond anything human beings have intelligently designed for the manufacturing of identical repetitive products.

The absence of a plausible, current explanation for the apparent non-existence of thoughtful, managerial oversight of the blueprint of information…providing bug-free, flawless assembly…that directs and controls the telling of newly dividing cells where to go and what function to perform during the critically formative time-period from the initial fertilization of the egg…through cell division…to the completed, viable organism…similar in quality to the information in DNA that constructs proteins…in my opinion…is an omission that currently invalidates the entire macroevolutionary theory...and that even after full discovery of its operation…points toward intelligent design..

Debugging Before, During, and After Completed Assembly 1

Even though the mechanical and robotics engineers, production assembly-line experts, and project engineers may have designed several automobile assembly-lines in the past…new innovations in the automobile change the new assembly-line.

Such things as power steering, anti-lock brakes, fuel injection, engines placed in the rear-end of the car, GPS screens built into the dashboard, hands-off backwards steering for parallel parking, Bluetooth© telephone systems, openable sun-roofs, hybrid gas and electric fueling, and a number of other innovations…add new things to be analyzed in terms of the debugging of the assembly-line.

Genetic mutations in living plants and animals…defined as random accidental mistakes being put-out as variant traits to be chosen or rejected by natural selection…choices based upon their value for survival or reproduction…that over time accumulate to create entirely new species that split-off and separate as illustrated on Darwin’s tree-of-life…is the hallmark, common ancestry feature of Darwinism…the essence of the theory of macroevolution.

Yet curiously, this hypothesis for the mechanism that could be one possible explanation for the vast diversity of life on earth…is going in the exact opposite direction of the essential debugging activity that must occur on the assembly-line…before the mass-production of any new product…new automobiles in our example above…can begin. 

Debugging of assembly-line issues that must be settled early…identified and resolved before mass-production can begin…has the intentional goal of achieving perfectly flawless and error-free manufacturing of fully functional and operative end-products.

This mass-production, real-world assembly-line imperative has a quality-assurance agenda that is totally at odds with the Darwinian notion…that it would be the otherwise normally unwanted “bugs” during the embryonic development assembly of living organisms…that would be the counterintuitive supply-source for the radical genetic variants needed to fuel major, macroevolutionary change…the theoretical explanation for the vast diversity of life and the origin of new species.

For an assembly-line to work properly as intended…without hitting this same nail on the head too many times…again the debugging phase must be completed before mass-production begins.

That is the whole purpose…the innovative genius…of assembly-line debugging…to get the thing running error-free and efficiently at the outset of mass-production.

The same intentional aim holds true for the upfront debugging of computer software-program language-code, and for the ahead-of-time text editing of a book to find and correct misspelled words.

The performance appraisal of the finished product…post-production…is an entirely different operation from the initial assembly-line trial-runs during the debugging phase…at the earlier time when the fine-tuning of the assembly-line itself is an advancing work-in-progress…intended to find the hidden “bugs” in the assembly process that must be identified and eliminated.


This is all leading to an important point.

By definition, the natural selection audit of choosing or rejecting variant traits for survival or reproduction…cannot start until after post-birth of the particular life-form…as the maturing life-form reaches adulthood.

Genetic mutations…producing variant traits to be chosen by natural selection…logically cannot occur during the embryonic development phase…because there is nothing far enough along in development for natural selection to definitively choose from.

Natural selection can only work…can only occur…in the post-production, performance appraisal phase…which in the living world starts at post-birth…and in many cases does not actually become definitive until the organism reaches adult maturity.

One of the inconsistencies in the theory of Darwinian macroevolution…as a purely blind, unguided, naturalistic explanation for the origin of species and the vast diversity of life on earth…which after giving it some thought becomes apparent to someone like myself who has several books written and published on avoiding problems and mistakes during the assembly process of new housing construction…is that within the explanatory storyline of Darwinian macroevolution, there is a materialistic omission of any consideration for the necessary ingredient of debugging foresight.

This is not an objection that can be lightly brushed aside on a shelf…while we work-out the fine details of macroevolution.

This is a fundamental issue that if unexplainable by either a lack of empirical evidence…or by the lack of a plausibly rational interim hypothesis that is not so generalized as to be evasive and non-responsive to the question…acting as a mere placeholder…then macroevolution remains a theoretical hypothesis without scientific fact-based status.

One Christian’s View of Science

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handywork.  Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge.                                      (Psalm 19:1-2)

The present-day contention that rational truth is confined exclusively to the realm of natural causes…explained only by scientific investigation…thereby leading to the conclusion that the philosophy of naturalism is the one and only acceptable way of viewing reality, is  brilliantly subtle but entirely vacuous.

The Spirit-born Christian scientist…using the purest scientific methodology…can investigate a particular area of natural phenomenon and discover entirely naturalistic causations, while privately giving his or her Intelligent Designer God the credit for His ingenuity and craftsmanship, without ever leaving their fidelity to empirical facts or setting aside their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The atheist scientist, on the opposite extreme, can use the same techniques to investigate the same phenomenon, and discover the exact same naturalistic causations…yet interpret their new findings as an increase in our knowledge of the natural world…thereby creating a corresponding reduction in the need for God’s existence and agency in the affairs of nature and mankind.

Yet the raw, empirical information content about heat, or the behavior of gases, or the properties of water, or of mass, momentum, and energy, of mountain building through plate tectonics, the internal composition of stars, the behavior of atomic particles, or the complexity found within DNA…discovered through careful scientific investigation…are the same.

The vast difference in the interpretation of the facts at the broad, worldview level are not based upon what the empirical scientific evidence itself is saying independently, because the information in its purest form remains neutrally silent regarding philosophy.

The observable, measurable, quantifiable facts of natural phenomenon amenable to us in the physical sciences…are open to interpretation and can be selectively placed in more than one optional, exclusivistic, worldview.

For the atheist scientist, especially since the 1859 publication of Darwin’s The Origin of Species, the steady and rapid advance in our knowledge of the natural world has morphed into an irrational zero-sum game…as if each new understanding of some physical phenomenon in nature equates to further liberation from the influence of a supernatural Creator God.

But the Spirit-born, Christian scientist exploring nature through scientific investigation is not looking for reasons to push God away, but instead sees the complex, integrated information and the precise craftsmanship that went into each newly understood phenomenon of nature…and glorifies God for its designed naturalistic function, the orderliness and intelligibility underlying nature, and our mental capacity to be able to unravel these mysteries in succession one at a time.

The secularly biased notion that science only looks for naturalistic explanations for physical phenomenon in the natural world is actually now inadequate and over-simplistic by about three decades.

            Information has now been recognized and added to the short list…of matter and energy…as the major components amenable to study in our quest to understand ultimate reality, purpose, and meaning in the universe.

Information, like gravity, is an important component that currently falls outside the domain of the unifying “theory of everything” being sought-after in the field of physics.

The classic example given to describe the fundamental distance between information and physical matter is the analogy to the front page of any major daily newspaper.  The physics and chemistry of “how” ink bonds to paper does not explain…because it cannot explain from the realm of the physical sciences…the “why” component of the individual daily arrangement of the ink to produce intelligible information expressed, in the case of the New York Times, in the English language.

The ink does not arrange itself…does not self-assemble…into intelligible English letters conveying information.  Human intelligent design is the causation of this meaningful communication of information.

The information given on the front page of the newspaper can therefore be said to transcend above the basic physics and chemistry explanation at the mechanical level of ink bonding to paper.

Similarly, the complex and highly specified information given in human designed computer software programs transcends above, and cannot be reduced down to or explained by, the basic mechanics of the ones and zeroes of computer binary language code as the cause for its intelligently designed function.

This same quality of coherently integrated, highly specified information can now be seen, studied, and analyzed…in terms of its source of origin and its relationship to the micro-molecule DNA…in the body-plan lifestyle habits of hundreds of billions of distinct plants, trees, bacteria, fungi, insects, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals in the living world.

In this brief section on the validity of pronouncements made about science as being the only reliable tool to define the rational boundary-lines around truth and knowledge, the curious thing about this contention…coming from the field of logic…is that it deconstructs itself…that it does not stand-up under the weight of its own requirements.

The statement that science alone can produce truth does not itself derive from empirical scientific investigation.

The statement does not therefore meet its own internal test for veracity.  “Science alone produces truth” is an opinion about science…not an axiom derived through science.  The statement is rendered invalid for truth content…by virtue of not meeting the high standard imposed by the statement itself…of not being scientifically derived.

Why I Wrote this Book 4

These are the two basic choices we have…self-assemblage by accident through the means of naturalistic materialism…or premeditated intelligent design through the special creative actions of a divine God.

Scientifically qualified or not…like many other people…I see large holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions in the macroevolutionary program that should disqualify it as a viable explanation for the origin and diversity of biological life.

As a Christian, I can concede to the Darwinists all of the scientific fact-based evidence regarding the material aspects of living organisms…because this evidence belongs to me every bit as much as to the person who accepts Darwinian macroevolution as the explanation for the diversity of life and the origin species.

The scientific fact-based evidence produced by research into the material aspects of the living and non-living world…are entirely neutral…are not conclusive for common descent or design…a topic for a later essay in this book on the delicate balance between belief and unbelief…a huge apologetic argument in favor of the existence and the brilliance of the God of the Bible.

What I cannot concede…as a Christian…to the Darwinists…that is an issue worth fighting for…is the philosophical extrapolation from the scientific fact-based evidence generated through the investigation of the material aspects of the living and non-living natural world…what can be observed, measured, quantified, categorized into groups, and formulated into natural laws…to artificially and unjustifiably extend as if by good logic…into the atheistic worldview of naturalistic materialism…the adopted mechanism and methodology of Darwinian macroevolution.

The facts that we discover through the scientific investigation of the phenomenon we observe in the natural world…does not overwhelmingly point to either common descent or to intelligent design.[1]

This ambiguity…after hundreds of years of modern science and the uncovering of the answers to myriads of questions into the mysteries of the natural world…in one of the top-level, fundamental questions underlying the source of the origin of this magnificent existence we see all around and inside us…requires some explanation as to why the outcome of this question is still in doubt.

From the atheistic perspective…why would the Creator God hold back some of the clear evidence for His existence…allowing space for the alternate view of a purely naturalistic explanation for the phenomenon of the natural world to operate…fully developed within the atheistic worldview of Darwinian macroevolution?

From the Christian perspective…why doesn’t God write across the sky in flaming, fiery red letters that He is the true God…and to worship only Him.  Why didn’t Jesus a few days after His resurrection…walk down the middle of Main Street in Jerusalem and straight into the temple…showing Himself that He is the Son of God and the Messiah of Israel?

Why doesn’t God instantly create one new species on earth today…popping-up in the clear and unquestioned view of everyone…that would resolve the evolution/creation debate once and for all?

Why doesn’t the God of the Bible…translate the immeasurable and unquantifiable elements of faith and trust…central to all personal relationships of friendship and love…into the empirical certainty equal to the existence of the noonday sun or the fact that two-plus-two equals four…through a natural miraculous demonstration…changing faith and trust into the commonplace and unremarkable observation of an obvious fact?

The observation that after intensive research for hundreds of years into the workings of our natural world…that this yields no conclusive answer as to the question of its origin and source…is itself a window into the purpose and meaning of our existence.

Some scientists argue that belief in God limits scientific research.  This is both accurate and inaccurate.

The orderliness and intelligibility of the natural world has enabled enormous progress into the deepest understanding of the living and non-living world.

The Creator God cannot be faulted on this score…in the openness of the natural world to scientific investigation…in our mental capacity to formulate programs of inquiry…and to be able to analyze the results.

But a materialistic approach will probably never unravel what life is…any more than musical theory will explain how Chopin artistically created his Opus 10 Number 3 Etude…or how Jane Austin thought-up her brilliant book Pride and Prejudice.

There seems to be within reality a definite demarcation-line between the material and the immaterial.

Should God prove His existence by telling us in the Bible how He created life…in terms of the physics, chemistry, and mathematics?

Might this rather be proprietary information that is best kept to Himself?

Using the material aspects of the natural world…human beings have already created the atomic bomb…that is capable of destroying all life on the planet.

In the critical area of biological life and the origin of species…the God of the Bible has limited His revelation of how He created life to the simple words of: “And God said.”

Why would God want to tell us more than this in the area of the biology of life…when today a tyrant like Hitler or Stalin could use this information to create the science-fictional, clone-soldier armies in books and movies…like Star Wars…to dominant the world?

The orderliness and intelligibility of the natural world has already enabled human beings to create weapons of mass-destruction that can wipe-out all life on the earth.

As previously argued…a complete knowledge of the material aspects of living organisms will only take us so far.

Scientific investigation will not answer the question as to whom or what is the source and origin of the universe.  It will not answer the fundamental questions as to the purpose and meaning of human life.

[1] Stephen C. Meyer, “The Methodological Equivalence of Design & Descent”, 67-102, in The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence of an Intelligent Designer, J. P. Moreland, ed. (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1994).

Why I Wrote this Book 3

Material atomic particles and energy could never produce this massive quantity and quality of complex, highly specified, and coordinated systems of information that creates the functionally diverse body plans and their accompanying lifestyle habits…of this vast number of distinct and discontinuous living animals and plants in the natural world today.

The sooner we accept the limitations of the purely materialistic worldview…of a ceiling beyond which naturalistic materialism cannot take us…the sooner we allow this concept to enter into our worldview…that the origin of life…and the development of complex living organisms…contain too much information to be the product of a purely naturalistic explanation for the diversity of life…then the more realistic and clear will become the picture…the more complete will become the jigsaw puzzle.

What I am saying here…in my opinion…is that 95% of what is presented in Jerry A. Coyne’s book Why Evolution Is True is spot-on correct…simply because it describes empirical facts about the physical characteristics and the lifestyle habits of living things that are irrefutable and clearly observable in the natural world…that are material aspects amenable to being observed, measured, quantified, and categorized…according to human scientific investigation.

The point here is that the compelling nature of the scientific fact-based evidence for micro evolution is sound.  This is the evidence that was observable and uncontroversial long before Darwin…and is still sound evidence when skillfully presented in a 2009 book on the marvels of biological life.

The 5% part that is grossly inaccurate is the theoretical extrapolation to macro evolution…a factually unsubstantiated, hypothetical leap that was empirically unsupported in Darwin’s The Origin of Species in 1859…and is still unsupported and controversial today…but that must be the accepted working hypothesis as the main ingredient…for the worldview philosophy of naturalistic materialism to be valid…for atheism to have its own creation story.

Macro evolution is the lynch-pin mechanism that must be in place for a purely naturalistic explanation for the diversity of life…and the brilliance of the natural world…to be valid in the scientific research field of biology.

Without the common descent linkage of macro evolution…enabling ancestral living forms to naturally evolve over time into future variations…then the only remaining plausible explanation for the brilliance of the natural living and non-living world is a divine, intelligent designer God…which some people vehemently reject because they think this inserts limitations around scientific investigation because we would presumably…at some point…hit the demarcation line of the natural/supernatural boundary…beyond which scientific investigation can no longer go…the line beyond which we cannot observe, measure,  quantify, categorizes into groups, and systemize into physical laws.

The obvious problem for a purely naturalistic explanation for the origin and diversity of life…along with all of the complex relationships in the non-living phenomenon…micro and macro that support life on earth…is that it optimistically bites off more than it can chew and swallow…is that it needs to explain everything from A to Z…that it must have a consistently naturalistic explanation to cover the entire seven-course meal from soup-to-nuts.

This is a hopelessly ambitious scope, an unrealistically broad, empirically unreachable journey’s end for purely naturalistic explanations in the 21st century…applied to the physical phenomenon we investigate in the natural world…which is becoming more out of reach every day as our database of detailed knowledge about the natural world expands exponentially.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the origin of the Big Bang of 13.7 billion years ago…in which all of the material particles and energy are created in just the right quantities and proportions to form this rapidly expanding universe…along with the accompanying laws and coordinated relationships between mathematics, physics, and chemistry…many of which are balanced on a knife’s edge of precision to be able to support complex life like ourselves…coming billions of years later…13.7 billion years to be more precise…all without using the foresight of premediated, thoughtfully guided intelligent design.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the origin of the 40-plus, fine-tuned mathematical constants in what is called the Anthropic Principle…such as the force of gravity, the cosmological constant that describes the expansion speed of the universe, the relative strengths of the strong and the weak nuclear forces, and the constant speed of light c throughout the universe…in Einstein’s equation e = mc²…to name only a few…without which the universe could not support life.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the architectural design of the universe with its hundreds of billions of galaxies and trillions of stars and planets…arranged in the same orderly and intelligible way in the vast expanse of outer space…that we also detect in the microscopic world of living cells, proteins, amino acids, RNA, and DNA genetic sequences.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the 20-plus conditions in our solar system…such as the distance of the earth from the sun, the size and type of our sun, the size and effect of the moon to our earth, the make-up of our atmosphere, and the properties of liquid water…to again name only a few…that are required for complex life to exist on earth.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the inconceivably artistic imagination behind the vast diversity of life on the earth…numbering in the tens of millions of unique and discrete life-form species…each having unimaginably complex systems of information…that near-perfectly fit into living and non-living ecological niches on an equally diverse planet earth…like gears in a wrist watch.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the massive, “Grand Canyon” sized leap across the gulf from non-living matter to living organisms.

Naturalistic materialism has to explain the gargantuan-sized, innovative first-step from single-cell bacteria to multi-cellular organisms…requiring huge infusions of new genetic information combined with the creative novelty of someone or something initiating this actuality.

Naturalistic materialism must explain not only the inconceivably complex folding of amino acids into functionally shaped cells of varied types and job descriptions…but also the unimaginable placement of hundreds of trillions of individual cells in the uniquely precise xyz-coordinates that make up the African bush elephant…if placed within a three-dimensional rectangular box…with the xyz-lines identifying each individual cell…for example.

The African elephant is not the meat-eating terror of the African savanna plains…chasing down its prey of zebras, water buffalo, and wildebeest with short bursts of speed up to 50 mph…but instead feeds on tree leaves and the grasses found in the subtropical and temperate forests, the dry and seasonally flooded grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, and agricultural lands…within narrowly defined ecological niches brilliantly and near-perfectly tailored to the survival of the elephant.

The African bush elephant is not only the sum of the microscopic cellular parts that are so acutely specified as to location within a three-dimensional arrangement…but also exhibits a unique lifestyle-habit program that belongs exclusively to the elephant…that defines the essence of what it means to be an elephant.

This same amazing reality of uniquely defining essence…of lifestyle habits matched with architectural body-plans precisely fitting within tight ecological niches…applies to the tens of millions of other living species on the earth…including human beings.

All of these inconceivably coordinated and integrated conditions and realities…according to a purely naturalistic materialism…must rely upon the idea that complex things can self-assemble on their own to reach their end-points of brilliant functionality…according to a model of accidental genetic occurrences having no intelligently guided design.

But the scientific fact-based evidence…obvious and observable to everyone…is that we do not see anything in the living or non-living world that can self-assemble into something that is a complex, specified, and coherently integrated system.

That the complex information of living and non-living systems would all just fall into place on their own…to self-assemble without foresight, pre-planning, and the most expert guidance to reach a functional end-point…without this self-automated assembly being the observed, recognized, and obvious reality of the phenomenon we see in the natural world today…renders the philosophy of naturalistic materialism…plausibly reasonable as a working hypothesis up until a few decades ago…to be currently inadequate as a universal, overall explanatory mechanism.

The only new things we see coming into being…for better or for worse in terms of the ecosystem of our planet…are the mechanical inventions created by human beings…who are by nature incurable intelligent designers.

The real source of this active, creative input of the information behind the origin of life and of the universe…can only be an incredibly intelligent designer like ourselves…having at His disposal a timeless reality…the sheer quantity of imaginative information exhibited overwhelming any blind, mindless, unguided, random-chance, trial-and-error alternate explanation…no matter how much time we give for its development, functional integration, and ecological balance.

Why I Wrote this Book 2

Declaring with all of the small amount of humility I possess…by default I am the world’s leading expert on avoiding mistakes in the design and construction of new houses…simply because no one else…to my knowledge…has taken-on this difficult research project.

If a person goes-out at 4 A.M. at sunrise to their local wetlands, lake, or river…to observe the morning habits of the ring-necked, spotted warbler bird (my hypothetically invented bird)…publishes their findings in a scientific journal on nature…and no one else has conducted this specific study…then that person “owns” that particular topic…that specialized knowledge.

By virtue of the 42 years I spent on jobsites working in several building trades in my twenties, an assistant superintendent and superintendent in production tract housing, as a customer service repair-person in new housing construction, a bank field inspector, a project engineer, project manager, and vice-president of construction building four luxury mansions…working in both residential and commercial construction…I would place the basic field research I did to observe and record mistakes in the design and construction of new buildings…published in four books by McGraw-Hill (1995-98 under Bart Jahn) and four books currently self-published (under Barton Jahn)…favorably alongside the basic field research of any paleontologist, biologist, archaeologist, or anthropologist researching the natural living and non-living world.

The information in my roughly 2,000-topic database does not contain any mathematics, physics, or chemistry…but is difficult to research because it requires an investment of time with the observer having both feet planted on the ground…on a variety of new housing construction jobsites observing and recording scheduling coordination problems, proper sequencing of activities issues, and a plethora of crashes and collisions between two or more building elements competing for the same space…which were not anticipated on the building plans.

Does this scientific research program of observing and recording phenomenon on new building constructions sites…qualify me to opine on the creation/evolution debate?

The popular axiom that a specialist who ventures outside of their area of expertise becomes a layman…applies to everyone …including me.

But the Darwinists who write books aimed at a popular reading audience…purposely simplify the technical arguments to be understandable and accessible to people who are outside of their area of expertise…in order to convince us of the truth of their worldview narrative.

The second answer to this legitimate question of qualifications to write this Part Two series of essays…is therefore also straight-forward.

I am precisely the person Darwinism wants to win-over and convert.

I care enough about the debate to read both sides…to take my research beyond mere cultural osmosis and acquiescence to the authority of the accepted standard wisdom…to thoughtfully take-apart each of the arguments and to carefully weigh the evidence.

The rest of the general population…that understandably thinks the technical issues are too complex or do not directly apply to their own lives…nonetheless get indirectly and unconsciously influenced toward Darwinism by nature programs on the television that parrot the general scientific consensus in favor of common descent…while these programs give no supporting evidence for this naturalistic viewpoint.

I recently read the 2009 book Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A. Coyne…a PhD professor of biology at the University of Chicago.

The book is well-written…presenting a thorough and up-to-date case in support for the brilliance of evolution…persuasively and elegantly…in great detail…as one might expect from a college professor who has taught this subject for over 30 years.

But what is curiously counter-intuitive from the viewpoint of this reader…in so thoroughly and capably laying-out his arguments…is that Dr. Coyne actually makes the case in the opposite direction than intended…for special creation having intelligent design…rather than for blind, unguided, naturalistic macro evolution.

The unbiased and open-minded reader…not initially onboard for Darwinian macro evolution at the outset…gets to about pages 75-85 in Dr. Coyne’s book and realizes there is simply too much brilliantly complex and artistically arranged information in living creatures…to ever become the mature and fully developed living productions they are…through the supposed creative methodology of accidental genetic mutations acted upon by natural selection.

Dr. Coyne’s detailed descriptions of the exquisite lifestyle habits that are attached to the brilliantly functional, diverse physical characteristics of every living thing…described throughout his book…outpace by a mile the simplistic explanations for origin and development…coming from the working model of naturalistic materialism.

For a purely naturalistic explanation for the marvels of the living and non-living natural world to pass the commonsense test…to be believable…the natural world today would have to be a much simpler reality.

The natural world today would also have to exhibit a more chaotic appearance…with a myriad of living organisms in transitional flux…caught in the middle of development toward some future end-point.

The irony…in this search for truth regarding the origin of the diversity we see and study in the natural world all around us…is that the more complex, highly specified, and coherently integrated the description of each complete and fully mature living thing comes across in Dr. Coyne’s book…the more precise the  detailed evidence becomes to accurately describe the unique qualities of each living organism…then the stronger becomes the unavoidably air-tight case for special creation…for intelligent design…and the worse becomes the vague and fuzzy case for the huge leaps across massive voids of incredulity…in proposing the Darwinian macro evolution half of the argument…of blind, mindless, unguided, accidental, and indifferent natural selection…as the explanation for this brilliant diversity of life.

Why I Wrote this Book 1

Biological science does not belong exclusively to the group of scientists who are atheists…who sprang-up in the study of the natural living world…during the time-period after the publication of Darwin’s book The Origin of Species.

The evidentiary facts of biological science belong to everyone to ponder and to evaluate…regardless of philosophical worldviews…regardless of whether we are theists, atheists, agnostic, or simply undecided regarding our outlook on the investigative reach of  science as it relates to  ultimate purpose and meaning in human life.

The facts that the universe came into being around 13.7 billion years ago…our earth around 4.5 billion years ago…and that primitive life in the form of single-cell bacteria first appeared on earth about 3.8 billion years ago…belong to me as evidence to contemplate and incorporate within my worldview as a Christian…adopting the reasonably informed and scripturally accurate “old earth” biblical interpretation of Genesis chapters 1 and 2…as much as it belongs to a Harvard trained paleontologist…steeped in the philosophy of materialism.

The fact that in 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered an expanding universe evidenced by the red-shift on the wave-length spectrum of light…while looking through the massive Mt. Wilson Observatory telescope into the deepest regions of outer space…and that this confirmed Albert Einstein’s previous mathematics calculations of either an expanding or a contracting universe in his 1916 theory of general relativity…belongs to my next-door neighbor to consider as part of her outlook on life…as much as it belongs to a PhD astrophysicist working at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

The fact that within living cells the micro-molecule DNA contains 3.1 to 3.5 billion bits of information…unimaginably complex in its logically sequenced arrangement to produce coherently coordinated function in the replication process within the living cell…be it a cell that is bone, muscle, tendon, skin, blood, hair, brain tissue, or internal organ in a human body…belongs as scientific fact-based evidence to a common person “walking down the street”…to own and to evaluate…to inform our judgment as to the reality of the natural world and of truth in general…as much as it does to a professor of microbiology or genetics…a proponent of Darwinian macroevolution…at any major university.

The worldview of scientism…that says that the only reliable guide to truth is science…is inadequate as a universal explanation that covers all reality…because human scientific investigation utilizing the philosophy of materialism will only take us so far.

Art can describe how romantic love expresses itself through human actions…but materialism cannot tell us what romantic love is.

Physics and chemistry can tell us how ink bonds to paper…but materialism as far as it goes cannot tell us how intelligence arranges the ink on paper to create the information conveyed through the headlines of the New York Times front page.

Neither the physics and chemistry of ink bonding to paper, or musical theory, or the magnificent mechanics of the concert grand piano…can explain the creative genius of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Debussy’s Clare de Lune, or Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto.

Materialism can hardly be the mode of explanation for the incredible dexterity, virtuosic attention to detail, and brilliantly artistic performance of Hillary Hahn playing Mendelsohn’s Violin Concerto…or the virtuoso violinist Jascha Heifetz playing Max Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy.

For most people living in the twenty-first century…there is simply too much information content observably at work and in action in the living and non-living natural world…highly specified and coherently coordinated and integrated…to be the sole product of a mindless, accidental, random-chance, trial-and-error, unguided mechanism.

Darwinists complain that macroevolution has not been accepted by the majority of people in modern cultures…and blame in- part religious faith as being antagonistic toward their theory.

The reason that most modern people do not accept macroevolution…do not ascribe to the philosophy of naturalistic materialism…as the explanation for the vast diversity of life and the origin of species…is not religious faith…but the simple reality is that at the upper, fundamental level of being a general, universal explanation… macroevolution does not hold water…does not stack-up…does not make total and complete sense as the overarching, explanatory origin for the brilliant diversity of living organisms…including ourselves.

The reader of this Part Two series of essays…may reasonably ask why its author is not a professional scientist…a paleontologist, biologist, geologist, or some other closely related science that would afford being able to claim expert status on this subject.

The first answer to this legitimate question is straight-forward.

Much of the literature that has been written by Darwinian evolutionists…beginning in 1859 with Darwin’s book The Origin of Species itself…is written in non-technical language intended for a popular audience.

Whether it is Ernst Mayr, Richard Leakey, Edward O. Wilson, Stephen Jay Gould, Niles Eldridge, Richard Dawkins, Janet Browne, Donald Johanson, or any of the other prolific writers on Darwinian evolution…many if not most of their books are non-technical and understandable to the general public.

Although it is true in nearly every scientific field that the “devil is in the details”…in support of one or another scientific theory …in the field of Darwinian evolution there are several generalized assertions and conclusions, that can be taken apart and analyzed for truth-value by laymen non-scientists…without having to possess doctoral degrees in biology, biochemistry, history of science, philosophy of science, or paleontology.

The arguments made for the general truth-claims for macro evolution are open to the general public through the large volume of literature on the subject…to access and to evaluate.

This renders Darwinian evolution open to refutation by layman or expert…which should be and is the case for all genuine scientific theories.

The simple answer therefore is that all of us…scientists and laymen alike…can study, think, and write about Darwinian evolution …and its broader social, cultural, and yes…theological implications…in the form of questions, comments, and discussions on website blogs on evolution on the Internet…and if we have enough material and enough to say…in a book.

Biblical Faith in a Modern Society 1

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”                                                             (Heb. 11:6)

I once had a lively discussion with a borderline agnostic/atheist who said that he did not dismiss the idea that God existed…but that to believe and to have personal faith he needed more objective, foolproof evidence for the existence of God and the truth of the Bible and Christianity.

In pondering our talk afterwards, I thought of the large number and variety of evidences that are out there in the observable world…easily accessible through commonsense contemplation…that in the hands of a skilled litigator in a courtroom…for example…would not only convince most jurors of the existence of God…but also of the divine origin of the Bible and its message.

There are dozens of broad categories of very persuasive arguments for the existence of God…many of which contain the obvious “miracles” we clearly see all around us…that we accept as commonplace and take totally for granted.

A few of these obvious evidences might be the “miracle” of male and female sexuality…or digestion…or our respiratory system…our constant heartbeat…or our balanced and symmetrical locomotion…our motor skills…or the functional integration of our diverse cell types and body parts…all of which shout-out for ingenious, thoughtful design rather than accidental, trial-and-error assemblage.

Another observable evidence for the existence of a thoughtful designer God…easily accessible to commonsense consideration…is the universal cuteness of any infant—a human toddler, a lion cub, a Golden Retriever puppy, a baby elephant, young ducklings swimming after their mother in a pond…displaying the most imaginative artistry in live action…yet totally unnecessary under a Darwinian program…having no survival-of-the-fittest value…but easily recognizable to human beings as the product of intentional thought…and not at all what we would expect from a blind, mindless, and accidental process.

Certainly the mystery of the origin of human speech and the ready inclination of young children to learn, understand, and accurately differentiate subtle concepts in language and communication…quickly amassing a growing vocabulary of new words…acquired with seeming effortlessness at a phenomenal rate of speed…is a reality far too complex and incredibly integrated to be lightly and uncritically accepted as the result of gradualistic, unguided descent-with-modification…rather than the deliberate result of thoughtful design at a brilliantly creative, extremely advanced level.

In sports…our incredible facility to be able to play professional ice hockey in the NHL…to run back the opening kick-off 100 yards for a touchdown in college football…to hit a 95-mph fastball 400 feet over the left-field fence for a home-run in baseball…to play tennis, ping-pong, badminton, volleyball, run the 100-meter sprint in track & field, run the Boston  marathon, compete in the Tour de France bicycling race, surf the Bonzai Pipeline on the North Shore in Hawaii, and score a goal in World Cup soccer…all of these human achievements we tend to take for granted as natural and commonplace.

Yet these are physical acuities that are so advanced, so complex, so finely tuned, and so functionally coordinated…that to ascribe their origin to blind, mindless, indifferent, trial-and-error forces as asserted in the theory of Darwinian evolution…when we see and observe nothing incrementally progressive…nothing caught half-way in transition in macro-creative examples anywhere in the natural world today…seems on its face to be an unsupportable stretch of the philosophy of naturalistic materialism.

Certainly the existence of the unique moral framework that permeates all of the social interactions between people…which we also take totally for granted…needs explanation.

Such things as the wonderful mystery of “falling in love,” friendship, loyalty, bravery, humor, forgiveness, courageously standing-up for the right-thing even when it costs us something, giving value to other people through respect…and the flip-side—lying, cheating, prejudice, selfishness, injustice, and evil…in the hands of a skilled debater could be persuasively argued to be far beyond the creative naturalistic reach of material particles and energy…given that atomic particles and energy waves demonstrate zero capacity for assembling complex and functionally integrated systems of thought, morals, or information.

Add to this the mind-boggling Age of Information explosion over the last three or four decades…in which intelligence has been linked to the initial origin of information wherever we find complex and functionally integrated systems in human creations…in computer software language codes, literary books of every genre, and inventions of every type.

This new realization corresponds to the information-packed systems we find in the natural world such as the Big Bang creation of the universe…the fine-tuning of the mathematical constants in the laws of physics that enable the existence of complex life like ourselves—described as the Anthropic Principle…the sudden appearance of new complex life-forms during the Cambrian Explosion…and the intricate body-plan architectures and lifestyle habits of every living creature…to name only a few examples.

Curiously, in the area of the fine arts…we see the seemingly universal through-line of the ending finales of good overcoming evil…of the “good” cowboys wearing white hats rounding up the “bad” cowboys wearing black hats…fundamental as satisfying outcomes within the storyline fabric of countless modern movies, theater plays, and books.

Oddly, this comes from a sophisticated popular culture today that otherwise…outwardly at least…claims to avoid the acknowledgment of the concept of biblical sin…the universal imperfection we all share…and that we all try to minimize and sweep-under-the-rug.

How can the existence and complexity of good versus evil…sliced-and-diced in every which way in enumerable, fictional storyline settings in books and movies…of unending fascination and interest to the human psyche…how can the plausible explanation for the existence of this complex reality…be the sole product of a blind and mindless Mother Nature…according to the philosophical worldview of naturalistic materialism?

The mere existence of the word forgiveness in our vocabulary and in our dictionary argues for a transcendent capacity for moral discernment and transactional judgment in human beings…far above and vastly different from the rest of the natural living world.

The origin of the concept of falling short of some independent standard of behavior and thinking…rightly requiring us to ask forgiveness from other people we have harmed or offended…in order to mend and to restore a personal relationship…has no survival-of-the-fittest value  in a materialistic Darwinian worldview

A final example, for the brief purposes of this opening introduction…representing one small factoid…again amongst hundreds of thousands of similar everyday commonsense examples that could be offered as persuasive evidence argued in a court of law…in favor of the necessity of an intelligent designer God…is the existence of our navel…our “belly button”…the umbilical cord between mother and baby that is severed and tied at childbirth.  Every human has one.

Is there a plausible series of sequential events that would serve as an intermediate bridge of failures between the first dysfunctional umbilical cord leading to immediate death of the human fetus at the very start of a materialistic creative progression…to cross the gap to a totally functional assemblage producing a viable fetus reaching the point in time of nine-month maturity and a healthy childbirth…whereupon the umbilical cord is cut-off from the placenta and tied into a knot…at our stomachs?

Commonsense reasoning tells us that this one indispensable feature necessary for life…amongst thousands of other complex and tightly sequenced and integrated features in the human body…of a functional umbilical cord with all of its complex processes…must be up and running at just the right time in the embryonic development process of the human fetus occurring within the mother…for successful human reproduction to take place.

My Testimony 4

What happened next is what separates my experiential perspective…from the viewpoint of atheists and skeptical critics of the Bible.

Over the next two weeks I felt a very real release from the weight of my past failings and shortcomings…the uncertainty of the future no longer being a nagging concern…my spirit rejoicing with the angels in heaven that another lost soul…me…had obtained eternal life…had escaped spiritual darkness and entered into light.

I literally became a new person.  The internal reformation was an unmistakably supernatural event.

It was not a personal epiphany…not self-realization…not an intellectual recognition of a system of thought I agreed with…and not some satisfying of a previously unseen internal deficiency I needed to remedy through self-reform or wise outside human council.

This salvation experience had its grounding…its roots…its substance…in meeting the living God on a personal basis…for the first time in my life.

What will infuriate some atheists and skeptics…if they even grant any credibility to my testimony…is that this does not fit within the stereotype of the person raised in the church and partially brainwashed by its teachings.

I was not only an unqualified sinner…lacking any good-works merit to attract the positive attention of God to be singled-out for salvation…but I was not even searching for God.

I didn’t find God…He found me.  I wasn’t searching for God…He called me and I simply responded to His invitation.

When a person discovers that God actually exists…and that He is the God of the Bible…this changes the outlook on everything.

When I started reading the Bible for the first time in my life at my conversion…because I then had been introduced to the living God…had been spiritually born-again…and was living in a new walk of faith following Him…the supernatural in the Bible was not a problem for me.

I knew from that time forward…on independent grounds…that the supernatural was real.

If God could transform me…like He did…then He can raise Jesus from the dead to be the Savior of the world…or perform any number of other miracles recorded in the Bible.

I was not reading the Bible as mere human literature…like we do in university religious studies classes.  The Bible came alive as the Word of God…unlike anything I had known previously or since then.

I have no idea in terms of absolute mathematics, physics, and chemistry how God opened up the Red Sea for the Israelites to safely cross on dry land…or the composition of the manna that fed the Israelites on the exodus to the Promised Land…or how God can make the lips of a donkey move while generating clearly articulated words understood by the prophet Balaam…when donkeys do not possess vocal chords that can produce intelligible speech…or a number of other supernatural events that atheists and skeptics choke on…in the Bible.

I am not sure that these one-time, non-repeating events will ever be understood through the human enterprise of scientific investigation.  The God created reality of the orderliness and intelligibility of our natural world may not extend into the transcendent capacity of God to perform the actions of miracles that fall outside of the normal experiences and observations of everyday phenomenon.

My Christian Life since My Conversion

Space will not allow telling about my clear calling into a career in building construction…how I began writing books on housing construction at age 30…being a C-minus student in the two required English composition classes I took years earlier in junior college…and after 13 years of drawing illustrations and writing the accompanying text…I got the first of four books on building construction accepted for publication by McGraw-Hill (1995-98 under Bart Jahn).

I could tell about the origin of my eight Christian books…and my struggle to accurately listen in the Spirit to what God was telling me through my life experiences and reading of the Bible…as a non-scholar…to articulate into words…sophisticated ideas and concepts that I still feel ill-equipped to tackle.

My goal in this testimony is to offer the contrary rebuttal to the atheistic viewpoint that assumes that God does not exist…critiques the Bible and Christianity in this same shortsighted light…and then assumes that Spirit-born and Spirit-led Christians approach the Bible and their personal journey of faith…in a similarly doubtful and uncertain way.

This has not been my experience…or the experience of the many Christians I know.

I may not be practicing my Christian faith at the high level of the analogy of playing tennis at the professional level as at the U.S. Open.  An outsider critiquing my life may or may not see a “professional” Christian in action.

But my experience is real and genuine…and is based upon a personal relationship following God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit.

I cannot emphasize enough the rebuttal to the false charge that faith in the God of the Bible…is a delusion.  My personal relationship following Jesus Christ within a God-composed adventure of faith…is not a product of group-think or conformity to organized churchianity.

I hope the complex, specified, and coherently integrated information in the topics discussed in this book…is itself plausible and compelling evidence of authenticity as to the genuineness of the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the truth of Christianity…played out through God-composed life-scripts for imperfect people like myself.