Charles Darwin Should Have Worked in Housing Construction

One of the most glaring omissions in the Darwinian evolution program…is that after-the-fact remedial debugging using a feedback loop of corrective information…that is a normally typical and accepted part of the process in the development of all complex human creations…from computer software language code to the assembly-line that mass-produces hundreds of thousands of automobiles…this feedback loop of debugging information has been left-out of the calculus in the theoretical explanation for how macroevolution would work.

Macroevolution is the theoretical extension…the extrapolation from microevolution proposed in Charles Darwin’s 1859 book The Origin of Species…that postulates big alterations in living things chopped-up into tiny changes spread-out over long periods of time…of variant genetic traits that can change a fish into a bird…and can change a primitive ancestral mammal into a human being.

This feedback loop of debugging information that is critical to the corrective refinement of complex systems created by imperfect human beings…a process undeniably requiring intelligent design…Darwinists would say is an integral and thus unobservable part of the natural selection that occurs through the unguided, mindless, indifferent, random-chance, trial-and-error mechanism of macroevolution.

The big omission that should invalidate the entire macroevolutionary scheme…is that everyone forgot to include front-and-center the process of retroactive debugging into the mix…a tip-off that the entire naturalistic, explanatory program is deficient and suspect.

Debugging is entirely missed as a necessary ingredient because it is completely invisible…is non-existent…is not seen in events or actions that are observable anywhere in living and non-living entities…uncritically assumed by Darwinism to be a part of the non-survivability rejection of non-viable variant genetic traits through the process of natural selection…through the culling-out process of the survival of the fittest.

There are approximately 125 varieties of domesticated dogs that are produced through the process of artificial selection…human breeding…many of which are not found in the wild.  Poodles, Great Danes, and Greyhound dogs do not have the capacity…or the unique, singular niche…a space…to survive in the wild.

Even though clearly the genetic pool for dogs contains the variant traits to artificially breed 125 varieties of dogs…we do not observe in the wild any of the populations of dogs putting-out doomed-to-immediate-failure breeds of dogs such as poodles or Greyhounds…that would be quickly erased by the debugging of natural selection.

Even though we would not see the feedback loop of corrective information typical of the debugging of a mass-production assembly-line…if debugging was the integral, natural component of natural selection in action…then we should at least be able to observe experimentally variant,  genetic traits…in countless examples throughout the living world…crashing in failure as part of the debugging process…normally typical for human intelligently designed systems…and therefore even more expected for unguided and mindless processes like the natural selection of macroevolution.

Building construction is unique amongst all mass-produced articles of human creation…because buildings are too physically large to be transported once they are fully assembled.

This means that the normal process of debugging that takes place on the mass-production assembly-line…before mass-production can begin…that will equally benefit a large number of identical products…in the case of building construction this debugging is broken-up and spread-out over tens of thousands of isolated building sites every year.

Everyone who works in building construction knows that debugging is an unavoidable and annoying part of every new building construction project.

If production tract housing had been invented in the early 1800’s…and if Charles Darwin had worked as a carpenter or as a superintendent on tract housing projects in the United Kingdom after completing his voyage of sailing around the world on the H.M.S. Beagle as naturalist…he would have been personally familiar with the concept of remedial debugging in the reactive mode…and factored-in this unobservable phenomenon into the theoretical explanation of natural selection producing the variant traits that could create the vast diversity of life we see today.

This visually missing component of debugging assumed to be an integrated part of natural selection…of the survival of the fittest erased through competitive advantage in the wild…does not remove or replace the need to explain through naturalistic means the existence of the extremely high level of adaptive perfection that must be achieved and maintained by every living thing…before variant traits can move each living thing by minute, imperceptible leaps forward toward its next point in development.

Common descent…the absolute necessity in a macroevolutionary explanation for the vast diversity of life…is a contradiction in terms when used in an analogy to the mass-production assembly-line.

Common descent of the vast diversity of life is not analogous to the mass-production of identical items on an assembly-line…debugged and free of error in order to produce each item at its lowest cost-per-unit.

Common descent is more like the assembly of single-family detached houses…piece-by-piece…on geographically isolated building sites having different architectural styles, square-foot sizes, price ranges, building site shapes and contours, and amenities such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, and flooring.

The contradiction in terms is fundamental when trying to mix common descent with diversity.

It is the lack of diversity that enables a certain type of automobile to be built in large numbers on a mass-production assembly-line…benefitted by the initial debugging process that removes any and all problems once full production starts.

The building construction of single-family, detached houses requires individual debugging of each isolated unit…because of the geographical separation and economic competition that isolates one project from another.

Common descent does not entail a one-time, initial debugging at the start of an early ancestral precursor…a prototype that radiates out over time into diverse living things…all benefitting from a previous debugging.

Lions, leopards, and cheetahs have to be debugged individually according to their own unique architectural body-plans and lifestyle habits…similar to the construction of individual, isolated, single-family, detached houses…after lions, leopards, and cheetahs have achieved their well-defined and varied essences…after they have reached their extremely high level of adaptive perfection.

The nonsensical inconsistency of the Darwinian macroevolution scenario is that natural selection replaces intelligent design as the culling-out decision-maker in rejecting non-viable variant traits…when in fact we observe only a small number of the 125 variant breeds of dogs being put-out into the wild according to genetic variation…for natural selection to reject and erase…without the slightest hint of a poodle, Great Dane, or Greyhound dog variation coming into existence other than through the human breeding techniques of artificial selection.

In my opinion, the commonsense conclusion is that trying to mix common descent with diversity…and making the analogous connection from artificial selection to natural selection…is like trying to connect the identical essence required of each item built on a mass-production assembly-line…with the varied essence of new single-family, detached houses assembled on isolated building sites having Cape Cod, Colonial, Southwest, Spanish, or Contemporary “architectural body-plans” and “lifestyle habits.”

The absence of the essential ingredient of debugging…needing to be placed somewhere within the sequence of activities of progressive developmental change in living things…places a heavy burden to carry upon accidental genetic mutations…putting-out variant traits…chosen by natural selection…that must achieve the functionally coordinated perfection we see today in DNA, RNA, protein, and amino acid macromolecules.

The absence of debugging as an observable activity places a burden on the non-theistic explanation for the incredibly differentiated and discreetly unique architectural body-plans and lifestyle habits of every living thing…along with the unimaginably complex, specified, and coherently integrated information systems coordinated in the ecological balance upon the earth…from the equatorial rainforests to the savanna plains of central Africa to the mountaintops of the Sierra Mountain range in the western United States.

These…among enumerable other categories of physical reality in the natural world…observationally exhibit perfect function without the slightest sign of the need for debugging…at the final end-points of demonstrating functionality of performance in their unique lifestyle habits for survival and reproduction…like billions of different precision-made watches all wound-up to operate smoothly and to accurately tell the correct time…needing only the slightest of adjustments of a minute forward or backwards over a few weeks or a month.

All of this observable perfection in the natural world is hypothesized…to be the result of the Darwinian program of blind, mindless, unguided, accidental, indifferent, trial-and-error, random-chance, non-theistic search strategies…to be the result of the power of nature to be the engine of change for the vast diversity of life…rather than the product of an intelligent, purposeful mind…namely…God.

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