The following 8 Christian books are available through Amazon and Kindle e-book:

The Second Half of the Cross


A biblical-quality journey of faith necessitates the surrender of our self-direction as autonomous kings and queens sitting atop the thrones of our lives.

The second half of the cross is the vehicle God has created for redeemed Christians to discard our stubborn hold over the course and direction of our lives.

The second half of the cross allows God the space to displace our ways with His higher ways.

As illustrated in the brilliantly original biblical narrative stories of faith from Genesis through Acts…this is the theme of this book.


The High Standards of God for End-Times Christians


The biblical narrative stories of faith are our scriptural model for how God operates through divinely composed life-scripts beyond human imagination and contrivance.

This morally broken world as it currently stands is the environment that God brilliantly uses to craft journeys of faith leading to the discovery of all truth that will shape our understanding of God and our relationship with Him for all eternity.

“Worldly conventional wisdom and God’s supernatural approach do not mix, but are on the extreme opposite ends of the scale of the imaginable and the possible.”


The Christian Danger Zone of Faith


The narrative stories of faith in the Bible are beyond human creative imagination for a good reason…they come from the heart and mind of God.

The danger zone of following God by faith is precisely where the rubber meets the road in a divinely guided life having purpose, meaning, and the razor-sharp honesty of truth.

A thought-provoking look at three major issues for Christians today…biblical faith journeys, going our own way, and the end-times.


The Real Truth About God


This book is a collection of short essays which are a blend of devotional and Christian apologetic topics…that can be read from front-to-back or from topic-to-topic…in no particular order.

Some of the questions discussed are:

Where does the dichotomy of the two worldviews of self-sovereignty versus God-sovereignty come from?

Where does the delicate balance of belief and unbelief come from?

How could anyone other than God compose a life-script for the perfect person Jesus Christ that takes Him all the way to the cross?


The Real Christian Life


This book is a collection of essays…that are variations upon the theme of the uniqueness of the biblical narrative stories of faith…which argues for their divine origin…and how this also serves as inspiration for Christian living.

The goal of this book is to present these world-changing ideas…repeated from several different angles coming from the varied story-line examples given to us…from the Word of God the Bible…to make the case to modern-day Christians that the biblical narrative stories of faith are relevant, timeless, and indeed divinely crafted as a pattern for what we can expect…if we follow Jesus Christ.


The Christian Church in the Last Days


The Christian church in the last days is heading into a glorious mixture of the liberation of total commitment fueled by the first-century equivalent Holy Spirit boldness of divine love…that will characterize the final gospel outreach to the world.

But some issues must be confronted and resolved along the way before the church gets there.  This is the theme of this book.


The Cross in the End-Times


In God-composed journeys of faith…believers are enlisted into adventures that are designed to stretch them to the limits of their innate abilities and character potential.  Along the way they develop a personal relationship with the living God.

Will the Christian church be raptured pretribulation, or is there an experiential element to our God-crafted journeys of faith that takes us straight through the cross of Christ…to the heart and mind of God…come what may?

This is the question this book explores.


One Christian’s View of Science and Why Macroevolution Cannot be True


This book is a collection of essays that start with the concepts of the orderliness and intelligibility of the natural world…to human beings alone…not to elephants, or lions, or horses, or eagles…that also highlights the capacity of humans to comprehend the God-composed journey of faith life-scripts as patterned in the biblical narrative stories of faith…which in turn exposes and reveals the fundamental reality of the purpose and meaning of our existence in the universe.


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