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Over four decades ago I was a competitive surfer in the junior age division in Southern California, a “party-animal” in high school, and knew almost nothing about Christianity.  I was in the Windansea Surf Club and the Gregg Noll surf team (a famous big-wave surfer).

One day two of the guys on the surf team told me they had become Christians and that they attended a “house church” next to the beach where I surfed.  I was not interested and they probably went away thinking I was a lost cause.

But over the next two weeks something changed inside me, and I decided to go on a warm summer night.  That night I became a Christian and a new, entirely changed person.  That was in August 1970, the summer between high school and starting college.

At age 30, while working in building construction, I injured my back and was off work for 3 months.  I had been making notes and sketches of building construction problems and mistakes for several years, and realized this information might make a valuable book.

I began writing, and discovered I liked it.  But I barely passed English composition in college, and my first drafts were very poor.  But I kept practicing and practicing, and 13 years later I got my first of four building construction books accepted for publication by McGraw-Hill in their Professional Book Group (1995-98).

My fourth book Residential Construction Problem Solver was translated into Chinese by the Architectural Society Press of China in 1998.

I never thought I would write Christian books, as this seemed to me to be “real” writing, creative writing a level above technical writing and thus beyond my reach.

In 2005, I began to get some inspirations for Christian books, starting with the concept of the second half of the cross, that as Abraham walked toward Canaan God displaced whatever worldly conventional plans Abraham previously had with a new life-script beyond anything Abraham could have dreamed in his wildest imagination.

I now have 5 books self-published on Christianity.  My latest is called Christians in the End-Times.

I have 10 books self-published on housing construction.

I post both Christian blogs and housing construction blogs and vlogs in this one website on WordPress.  I post longer vlogs on You Tube at Barton Jahn which can more easily be found in the channel Building Construction Quality or Housing Construction Debugging & Quality.

Thank you…and God bless you.

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