Chaos is not What We Observe in the Natural World 2

Some people will object here that mass-production assembly-line bugs are not the same as accidental genetic mutations.

But is this objection valid?

Trial-runs on the assembly-line to expose problems in the assembly process that are hidden…and “accidental” genetic mutations that could coalesce to produce variant traits in plants and animals…having either positive or negative features…are two phenomenon that are precisely the same in the area of being random, difficult to foresee and anticipate ahead of time, and needing the clarity of actual existence in order to be exposed.

The operation of natural selection in-the-wild for plants and animals…post-birth…is the trial-run debugging in the living world.

But the main point here is that Darwinian macroevolution is postulating that the existence of accidental genetic mutations in the natural living world is a positive source for massively creative new biological features…as the explanation for the origin of species and the diversity of living organisms…while in the reality of human experience as prolific intelligent designers of all sorts of things…the hidden presence of “bugs” is an extremely negative source of chaos and has zero creative value on the mass-production assembly-line…or in writing computer software language code…for examples.

Observation and commonsense tell us that living animals and plants are functionally way more complex than human manufactured products…yet animals and plants are completely debugged and not at all chaotic works-in-progress that exhibit problems needing to be solved in their essential architectural body-plans or accompanying lifestyle habits.

The microevolution that Darwin observed in the finch birds on the Galapagos Islands…if extrapolated both backwards and forwards within common descent…cements the concept of steady and directional change leading to the vast diversity of life we observe today…as being the product of change analogous to the daily workplace routine of “putting-out fires”…of problem-solving after-the-fact in the reactive mode…that does not match or resemble the operations in the natural living world that parallel almost exactly the complete and finalized, intelligently designed and debugged, smooth-running efficiency of the mass-production assembly-line.

This contrasted dichotomy is what renders macroevolution to be factually unscientific.

Assuming a Positive Outcome is Naïve

The analogous explanation that complex things can fall into place on their own through small incremental steps…proposed in Richard Dawkin’s book Mount Improbable…accepting for argument’s sake that a mountain with a steeply unclimbable front face has a gradually inclined back-slope that can easily be ascended one step at a time to reach the otherwise unreachable summit…naively assumes that the stair steps going up the gradual backside of the mountain by way of random-chance generated small incremental advancements…would go up the mountain…rather than going sideways or down the mountain.

This is a leap-of-faith optimism that assumes in the worldview of naturalistic materialism that the macro-radical change…needed to support Darwinian biology…would self-orchestrate its overall trajectory in a positive direction.

What entitles us…in our experiential reality as humans and in our observation of the natural world…to assume that blind, mindless, and indifferent natural selection will go in a positive direction?

What entitles us to assume that life will spring out of non-living matter…through an unguided, random, trial-and-error process of dumb-luck…that goes by sheer chance in a positive direction?

What justifies the assumption that naturalistic materialism would ever create life from non-living matter…and set in motion the progression of ever-improving life-forms in a positive direction through the paradigm of common descent?

The assumption that the finches on the Galapagos Islands could reach the extraordinarily mature functionality…and adaptability…observed by Darwin in the early 1830’s…by extrapolating in reverse the variant traits put-out by these finches that were correctly chosen by natural selection to adapt to the varied ecological environments of these 13 islands…to then construct an entire encompassing program of common descent…is based on the naïve starting assumption that the assembly of complex things must go in the direction of positive outcomes.

This is similar to the innocent naiveté of the internet programmers for Facebook not anticipating the need to include defenses against nefarious actors misusing the “app” for evil and destructive purposes.

The idea that the incremental steps on the gradually sloping backside of Mount Improbable will through self-guidance or self-assembly naturally proceed in an upward direction to reach the summit…in my opinion…has to be a disqualifying objection…that macroevolution does not square-up with reality…not for the automobile assembly-line…not for computer software language code…not for new housing construction projects…and not for the architectural body-plans and lifestyle habits of African elephants containing hundreds of trillions of discrete living cells.

Scarcity of resources combined with survival-of-the-fittest is not a plausible explanation for the motivating force that will push self-assemblage in a positive direction…to create the vast diversity of life and the functional maturity of living organisms.

But this is a subtlety that is not easy to divide…not easy to parse.

Observing the sediment build-up at the base of river deltas…confirming Charles Lyell’s proposition for an age of the Earth much longer ago than the incorrect human interpretation of Genesis in the Bible to begin around 4,004 before Christ…is immediately verifiable once we see it.

The wording in the Bible remains precisely correct…but the biblical interpretation by Bishop Ussher is recognized as being wrong.

The Earth orbiting around the sun is totally understandable once we grasp that the Earth spins one revolution every 24 hours…that gravity holds us pinned to the Earth’s surface…and that our atmosphere of air, moisture, and clouds rotates with the Earth’s surface at a speed slightly in excess of 1,000 miles per hour…as we ourselves do.

But macroevolution is not at all obvious.  If anything, macroevolution is observationally non-existent.

This is one reason why Darwin’s proposal in 1859 comes as late as it does in the Scientific Revolution.

The more rational viewpoint that matches reality…if we are going to install a blind and mindless Mother Nature as the engineering designer sitting at the drafting table…is that life should never have occurred 3.8 billion years ago on Earth…through an unimaginably complex self-assembly as hypothesized through the atheism of naturalistic materialism.

The entire philosophical construction of combining the dumb-luck of chance with complex things falling into place on their own…in a positive direction…is a nonsensically incompatible dichotomy…of the naïve optimism…that self-direction of complex systems will go in an unguided positive direction.

This is one of the erroneous basic assumptions built into the extrapolation of micro evolution to macro evolution…that defines the motive force…the guts…of Darwin’s revolutionary hypothesis introduced in 1859 in his book The Origin of Species.

Author: Barton Jahn

I worked in building construction as a field superintendent and project manager. I have four books published by McGraw-Hill on housing construction (1995-98) under Bart Jahn, and have eight Christian books self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I have a bachelor of science degree in construction management from California State University Long Beach. I grew up in Southern California, was an avid surfer, and am fortunate enough to have always lived within one mile of the ocean. I discovered writing at the age of 30, and it is now one of my favorite activities. I am currently working on more books on building construction.

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