Chaos is not What We Observe in the Natural World 1

The first Model-T automobile mass-production assembly-line superimposed an elevated organization and order to a system…that left on its own without guidance…would not sink into a deteriorated state of chaos as if it started-out at a naturally high level of efficiently self-organized function and then dropped-down a level or two if unmanaged…but began at the outset as a new system of manufacturing assembly that needed the thought-filled, upfront attention of initial trial-run debugging…a new reality universally recognized and acknowledged today by mechanical engineers, robotics engineers, project managers, assembly-line workers, and the general public…now put into practice across-the-board for the manufacture of large numbers of identical products from new automobiles to laptop computers.

Computer software language code demands flawless organization and debugged perfection…or the intended software application will be dysfunctional and unusable.

The hundreds of trillions of different cell types in the African elephant are all organized…they function as a whole-unit in a coordinated way…to produce a lifestyle-habit that can survive and reproduce in the predator-rich environment of the African savanna plains.

The strict and limiting taskmaster of price-tag affordability for the first Model-T automobiles coming off the assembly-line…enabled them to successfully fit within a growing American consumer economy…an affordability not based upon serendipitous, accidental, trial-and-error luck…but instead the most targeted and focused, trial-run debugging utilizing the best of human ingenuity and design…aimed at achieving economy through error-free function.

Darwinian macroevolution…in contrast…is built atop a faulty foundation.  It theoretically extrapolates a highly organized, ecologically targeted, and thoughtfully smooth-running micro evolution…into macro evolution…macroevolution that is a fictional construction based upon a measured output of chaotic change…which is an illogical fallacy and a contradiction in terms…if the sole source of this measured chaotic change is blind and mindless…having open-ended boundaries and unlimited borders with the freedom to go in all directions.

Supposed random-chance genetic mutations are defined as being accidental in Darwinian macroevolution…the supply-source for the radically dynamic change that is theorized to produce the origin of species and the vast diversity of life.

This hypothetical mechanism churns-out enough chaos as the fuel for biological macro-change…yet the observed reality in the natural world is the direct opposite of the chaotic freedom of trial-and-error randomness.

Chaos and dysfunction are the counter-productive elements the automobile mass-production assembly-line is trying to get away from.

Chaos avoidance is what the entire notion of proactive, preventive debugging…while the project is still on paper…”pencil erasers being cheaper than concrete erasers”…is supposed to be doing before the actual housing construction starts…with the aim to minimize the negative impact of “putting-out fires” as a daily routine of continual problem-solving during the course of the construction.

Picking-up our cross to follow Jesus Christ into our individually created destines through a God-composed journey of faith life-script…is one of the most highly coordinated and specified things in all of human experience…in terms of well-defined trajectories aimed at purpose-filled end-points.

The accidental, random-chance serendipity of Darwinian macroevolution based upon the atheism of naturalistic materialism…extols and puts-forward the blind, mindless, unguided, indifferent, accidentally generated trial-and-error mutations…assembly-line bugs…as the functional pathway to producing macro-radical change in living organisms.

But adopting Darwinian macroevolution is a recipe for being unscientific…because the measured output of chaos through random-chance luck to produce macro-radical biological change…is the opposite of what we observe in the highly specified functionality in the natural world…is the opposite of the error-free assembly we aim for on the new housing construction jobsite…is the opposite of what we see on the intelligently designed and fully debugged, smooth-running mass-production assembly-line.

Chaos transitioning sharply toward function is not what we see in the completely coordinated, lifestyle habit performance of the hundreds of trillions of living cells that comprise the African elephant…an extremely complex living organism that appears to be near-perfectly debugged.

The scientific research conducted by biologists and paleontologists…who are Darwinists…is anything but chaotic, disorganized, or randomly serendipitous.  Valid scientific research…conducted by humans…matches the orderliness and intelligibility in the phenomenon of the natural world…that we endeavor to study,

Yet the Darwinian hypothesis…inconsistent with the overall phenomenon observed in the natural world…requires a large dose of injected random-chance accidents in order to function as a viable theory.  Without accidental genetic mutations putting-out variant traits that are chosen by natural selection…there is no Darwinian macroevolution.

But the measured output of chaos intentionally and deliberately generated by a mechanism of unguided, random-chance accidents…indeterminate and not well-defined in terms of trajectory aimed towards definite end-point outcomes…is the diametric opposite of the established, matured, and completed phenomenon we scientifically study in the natural world…across-the-board in the wide range and number of scientific disciplines in operation since the start of the modern Scientific Revolution.

Putting-out Fires

Argued from a different direction…anticipation, foresight, proactive prevention, and trial-run debugging…these are all aimed at eliminating or reducing in the workplace the debilitating and energy-depleting daily routine of “putting-out fires”…of problem-solving that could have been prevented ahead-of-time.

Human intelligently designed assembly of complex things has as one of its aims eliminating “fire-fighting” down to zero.

But Darwinian macroevolution…theorized to be the manufacturer of all living things…has as it central energizing feature the steady production of “fires” in the form of accidental genetic mutations…that are then chosen by natural selection to produce improved organisms able to adapt, survive, and reproduce.

Accidental genetic mutations are the only choice for an atheistic worldview of naturalistic materialism…first because materialism does not allow for intelligence to participate in the process…and second that we already observe the occurrence of variant traits being put-out naturally in plants and animals.

But are the genetic variant traits put-out by plants and animals in the wild…entirely accidental…and are they macro in nature and quality?

A truly random and unguided materialistic mechanism would have no control…no fire-breaks…over fires of accidental genetic mutations putting-out variant traits…that were small, medium, or large-sized fires raging out-of-control throughout populations of species of living plants, animals, and microbes…somehow by dumb-luck proportioned in just the right number and perfect extent of severity to fall into place…over eons of time…to create the inconceivably coordinated and interconnected system of common descent.

If the range and severity of “fires” are somehow moderated by a blind and mindless process of “putting-out fires” in the freely random and open-ended borders of accidental genetic mutations…then we should observe in the natural world the differentiated ongoing chaos of small, medium, and massive fires of biological change…raging out-of-control in some cases…in the form of macro-radical variant traits being put-out by animals and plants to be chosen by the natural selection of beneficial features…in an always positive, moving-forward direction….as the normal accepted reality.

What we actually observe in the natural world are small isolated camp-fires…like Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos Islands.

To use again the analogy to new automobiles…these small camp-fires of variant traits utilized for adaptation to different ecological environments…are like the options that car buyers can pre-select as choices when purchasing a new car…or like optional amenities buyers of new houses under construction are given the option to select.

But these examples of options when buying a new car or a new house…are not the chaotic fires of macro-radical change that have open-ended and unlimited borders of available options to choose from…which must be the case for Darwinian macroevolution…if a truly blind and mindless process is at work and in-play.

This is one of the theoretical dead-ends of Darwinian macroevolution…when carried-out its logical conclusion.

For the very thing that everyone is working so hard to avoid at all costs in the manufacturing of products…namely ”bugs”…in Darwinism termed accidental mutations…to be the supply-source for the working hypothesis of a purely materialistic program producing the origin of species and the vast diversity of life…in my opinion…is nonsensical.

Author: Barton Jahn

I worked in building construction as a field superintendent and project manager. I have four books published by McGraw-Hill on housing construction (1995-98) under Bart Jahn, and have eight Christian books self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I have a bachelor of science degree in construction management from California State University Long Beach. I grew up in Southern California, was an avid surfer, and am fortunate enough to have always lived within one mile of the ocean. I discovered writing at the age of 30, and it is now one of my favorite activities. I am currently working on more books on building construction.

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