Multi-unit condominium projects having fire-sprinklers sometimes have a system monitored by a fire alarm company and the fire department.

For this situation, it is a good practice to remove the hose-bib handle at the fire-sprinkler manifold flow meter as shown in Fig.         .

This measure prevents an uninformed homebuyer or unsuspecting guest from mistakenly using the fire-sprinkler hose-bib to wash a car in the driveway…or water the personal landscaping flower pots.

Using the fire-sprinkler instead of the domestic water hose-bib can set off the flow meter switch and thus the fire alarm…bringing the fire department to the project on a false alarm.

By removing the fire-sprinkler hose-bib handle…the user must look for the domestic water hose-bib.

The hose-bib to the fire-sprinkler system is provided so that the sprinkler piping throughout the house can be drained of water should the system need repair.  If a person mistakenly uses the fire-sprinkler hose-bib, water will drain out of the sprinkler plumbing pipes, but the flow meter interprets the water emptying as if it was spraying out through one of the sprinkler heads…and thus activates the fire alarm.

When a service repair person works on the fire-sprinkler system, one of the first things they do is temporarily deactivate the fire alarm.  The handle to the fire-sprinkler hose-bib can then be taken from its storage location and used to empty the sprinkler lines…or the handle from the domestic water hose-bib can be borrowed for the duration of the fire-sprinkler repair work.