Figure           illustrates an exterior light fixture that has a photocell switch that turns the light fixture on when it gets dark in the evening, and off at first light in the morning.  It also has a candelabra shaped light bulb.

This light fixture is an example of what might be placed at the entry doors to units in a multi-unit condominium project.

The builder should inform new homebuyers at the time of the walkthrough that when an entry door light fixture having a photocell runs continuously during the daytime without turning off…to first wash the photocell glass top using a paper tissue moistened with window cleaner or water…before calling the builder for a customer service repair request.

During new construction…dust and dirt that is kicked-up into the air from adjacent phases of the project under construction…will collect in the top of the photocell…confusing the photocell into thinking it is night because this dirt blocks out or diffuses the daylight.

If cleaning the photocell glass does not turn off the light fixture during daylight hours…then there is something wrong with the photocell and the builder can then be called for a warranty customer service repair request.