Many builders leave off the interior doors with sales models to give the models a more open and spacious feeling.

At the close of sales and the completion of the project, when the sales models are converted back to regular units for occupancy, the interior doors are rehung.

One option the builder should consider is hanging a few interior doors in each model in openings having the least foot traffic…such as coat closets and secondary bathrooms.

The prospective homebuyers can thus see the style and design of the interior doors and doorknob hardware…without disturbing the felling of openness of the sales models.

Store the other interior doors in an empty garage in the sales models…or in a storage bin…with both sides of the hinges and hinge pins attached to each door, as shown in Fig.         .  Storing the doors with their hinges attached prevents the problem a few years later at project close-out…of not being able to find the original hinges.