In sales models, for multi-unit projects, it is a good practice to install rigid plastic covers on all toilets as shown in Fig.        , so they will not be used by people viewing the models.

These covers are bolted in place between the toilet seat and the toilet body, and can be custom-made to match the color of the toilet.

Air conditioning thermostats should also be covered with a lockable, clear plastic box cover as shown in Fig.        , to prevent people from moving the dials on the thermostat…thus disrupting the air conditioning.

In addition, for air conditioning for the sales models…it is a good practice to connect the air conditioning controls for all four or five models…to be operated by one single thermostat placed in the sales office.  This requires some forethought early in the construction of the sales models and sales office…placing underground conduit sleeves to connect the units for air conditioning control wiring…which is then abandoned and removed at the completion of the sales and conversion of the sales models complex.