Figure          shows a stucco plastered column placed on a garden wall at the main entrance to a condominium project.

In this particular case, the side of the column facing the entrance had a brass metal plaque with the project name written on it.

A large and very heavy flower pot was placed on the top of this column for decoration…but without a saucer plater underneath.  When the flowers were watered, the water drained out through the hole in the bottom of the pot and dribbled over the top edge of the column…badly staining the stucco plaster around the brass plaque.

The brown-green water stain grew quite dark and unsightly over time.

A saucer plate underneath the pot would have collected this excess run-off water exiting the bottom of the pot…the water evaporating rather than spilling on to the stucco plaster column.

A second preventive measure would have been to build the top of the monument column with a very slight, imperceptible downward slope away from the side containing the brass plaque.  Any water that overflowed the saucer plate would then have dribbled over the back side of the column…out of sight.

In this particular case, the flower pot was too heavy to lift without a crane…and the builder decided a crane would be too expensive a solution…nor did the builder want to remove the contents of the pot in order to be able to get a saucer plate underneath the pot.

The dark green stain over white stucco around the brass monument plaque became a permanent part of the ambiance of the entrance into the project.