For sales models and the sales models office, the temporary landscaping sometimes includes plants placed in various sizes…used as traffic barricades to direct automobiles to the sales office parking lot…to direct foot traffic to and from the sales models…and simply as landscaping decoration.

The builder should remember to include the saucer plates that should go underneath the flower pots…when ordering and purchasing the flower pots.

These plates collect the water that runs out the hole in the bottom of the flower pots…preventing the water used to irrigate the flowers and plants inside the pots from running down sidewalks and driveways…staining the concrete or asphalt as shown in Fig.         .

On one project, the builder forgot to include these saucer plates under large plant pots…and once filled with soil and flowers…these pots were too heavy to tilt and get anything underneath…without the use of an expensive crane.

The irrigation water ran out the bottom of these pots, leaving very colorful but unsightly brown and green streaks on driveways, walkways, and street concrete cross-gutters…in the sales models and office complex.