Figure          shows the front view of a garage door located in a motor courtyard to a multi-unit condominium building.

Banana palm plants were placed within the small landscaping areas at the sides of the garage doors to the sales model units.

These banana palms were not specified by the landscape architect, nor shown on the landscape plans, but were added by the builder as an owner’s change during the models construction because the builder thought they would look better.

Indeed…they did look better…but with one small problem.  The banana palm plants grew quickly in height and width…not only filling in the landscape space at the side of each garage door…but leaning over into the garage door opening.

The palm branches interfered with opening and closing the garage doors…and the branches became bent, broken, or mangled every time the garage doors were opened.  If they were not cut back to the edge of the door openings, these palm branches were sometimes stronger than the garage door opener motors.

The goal here is to avoid panting anything next to garage doors that requires continuous pruning and edging to keep it free of the opening and closing of the garage doors.