Illustrated below is the rough sketch of a water fountain placed in a common area walkway in a condominium project.

This fountain had four tiers of progressively smaller sized basins, with water spilling over from one basin to the next until the water from the lowest basin emptied into a ground level circular pool.  This entire fountain feature was designed by the builder…not the landscape architect or a swimming pool contractor.

Unfortunately, the builder designed the lower pool area too small in diameter to handle the water spilling over the rim of the lower fountain basin…when the wind was blowing.

With a strong afternoon breeze, the water ran directly from the lower basin onto the rim of the pool, spilling onto the concrete walkway…missing the lower pool area entirely on the downwind side.

This problem was not discovered until the lower pool area was completed with an expensive grade of colored ceramic tile, the lower pool filled with water, the fountain pump motor turned on, and water run through the system for the first time.