Some housing construction projects are required to install temporary chain-link fencing around the perimeter property-line of the building site for the duration of the project.

Nylon wind-screen covering the fence might also be required or added by the builder to enhance the appearance of the fence and the project.

On one particular large condominium project I worked on as superintendent…adjacent to a golf course…700 lineal feet of wind-screened chain-link fence installed only by driving the vertical steel posts into the ground…blew over twice during the windy season.

At a considerable expense to repair each time, the builder finally removed the wind-screen portion of the fencing.  The money that was spent putting the fence back up twice could have paid for originally setting the posts in concrete…thus allowing the more attractive green-colored wind-screen to remain.

Suggestions to prevent the fence from being blown over by the wind are:

  • Set each post in concrete
  • Set every other post in concrete
  • Give the fence a 45-degree jog in the shape of a “V” every 100 feet or so
  • Use diagonal braces to support the offset posts at the point of the “V”