Subcontractors should notify the jobsite superintendent in advance when a storage container bin…full of materials…is being delivered to the jobsite…and instruct the bin delivery person what to do with the keys.

An occasional occurrence on a construction site is for a particular worker to ask the jobsite superintendent…on the first starting day for that particular building trade…if the superintendent has keys to their bin.

Whenever a subcontractor’s storage bin is delivered to the jobsite, the superintendent should ask the delivery person if the bin contains materials and is therefore locked…or empty and therefore unlocked…and what if anything are the instructions regarding keys to locked bins.

The problem to avoid here is placing the jobsite superintendent in the position of being clueless as to the situation regarding storage bins, locks, and keys…which the superintendent should not be involved in but nevertheless becomes involved in by virtue of often being the only person present to receive the delivery of the subcontractor’s storage container bin and to direct its placement on site.

The fiasco of not being able to start the work smoothly…because the subcontractor failed to communicate and coordinate clearly who had the keys to the storage bin…can be avoided by the simple policy of requiring subcontractors to notify the superintendent when storage bins are being delivered…and what if anything to do about the keys to fully stocked, locked bins.