Many subcontractors use storage bins placed on the jobsite to store materials…on large multi-unit tract housing, condominium, and apartment projects.

Typical trades who must store materials on the jobsite include framing, plumbing, electric, drywall, lathing, and painting.

During the planning stage before construction, the builder should select one location on the jobsite where storage bins can be placed without needing to be moved later.

Few things are more frustrating and disruptive for a subcontractor than to be asked to move a storage bin two or three times during the course of the construction.  Picking up and moving a large storage bin is not a delicate operation…and materials and supplies which were once organized inside the bin are usually tossed all over the bin floor.

The builder cannot insist that subcontractors be organized and efficient in their materials management…and then disrupt and displace those same materials by repeatedly moving storage bins because of poor jobsite planning.