This chapter describes my ideas for the construction office trailer and surrounding building site.

Not everyone will agree financially with these ideas.  Some builders might not have the budget to outfit a construction trailer with the office equipment and furniture I recommend.  The goal of this chapter, however, is to analyze the pros and cons of a good construction office…so that the decisions regarding the construction office trailer can be the result of thoughtful consideration as well as budget constraints.

A friend of mine built high-end custom houses in the beach communities of Southern California.  He and his partner work alternate Saturdays on their construction projects and often use this time to secure new business, using their construction office trailer as a selling tool.

On the weekend, people drive up to their projects, typically large single houses under construction, saying that they own a lot around the corner or down the street, and ask questions about their construction company.

My friend takes them into the construction trailer and shows these prospective clients… framed photographs of past and current projects, 24×36-inch hand-drawn and colored activity-on-node “box” construction schedules, and computer-generated estimating spreadsheets they use to help customers establish budgets…and to secure bank construction loan financing.

Their construction trailers each have a conference table, comfortable chairs, floor carpeting, bookshelves, a drafting table, and organized plans table, copy/fax machine, laptop computer, and isometric three-dimensional sketches of construction details pertaining to the construction.

The interior look and feel of the trailer, combined with the framed photographs and schedules on the walls…leaves the prospective clients with a very good first impression.  This approach works very well for their type of work because people thinking about building a new house drive around the area to look at what is actually being built…rather than go to a builder’s or general contractor’s business office.

The opportunity to create the right impression and thereby find new business in their case…is right on the project site…and their construction office trailer plays an important role.