A sequence of construction activities is the starting point when creating a schedule.  One of the functions of a schedule is to remind the field supervisors of upcoming activities…so as to be able to plan ahead…so the list should cover every activity within the supervisor’s scope of responsibilities.

The list of activities should not be so specific as to include activities that belong within the control of the subcontractors, yet not so general as to leave out activities which must then be scheduled from memory.

A schedule also allows the progress of the work to be monitored.  Subcontractor’s work can be divided into smaller functions, which although not directly scheduled by the job superintendent, must be monitored on a daily basis.

A balance exists between being too specific or too general in identifying activities on the schedule.   If superintendents realize during the course of the work…for multi-unit tract housing and condominiums…that certain items on the sequence of activities list are too specific and are being handled by others…they cross these activities off the schedule.  If activities are discovered that should have been on the schedule but were missed…these can be added for the benefit of future phases of the work.