There is more to scheduling and controlling the work than having a good-looking schedule pinned up on the wall of the construction trailer as “wallpaper.”

Everything discussed in this book directly impacts keeping the construction going smoothly on schedule.

For example, identifying and incorporating construction problems and owner’s changes into the design plans after the construction of the sales models…and submitting these revised plans to the building department for approval enable the plans to reflect the actual design at an early point in the production phase…for multi-unit tract housing and condominiums.

Accurate revised and approved design plans simplify building inspections, as they now match what is actually being built…which helps build a positive spirit of cooperation between the builder and the city building inspectors.  Inspectors can see that the builder is playing by the rules…conscientiously updating the design plans…and not relying upon an assortment of RFI revisions and engineering cut-sheets.

By making life easier for the building inspectors…the inspectors over time will make life easier for the builder by coming out to the jobsite a second time on the same day…by conducting inspections when convenient for the builder…and by generally taking less of a hard-line approach on inspections and other coed-related issues.