For example, every city in southern Florida requires a products approval package to be submitted with the building plans for plans review because of wind-loading requirements.

Single and double-hung windows, sliding glass doors, and garage doors must be approved by a national testing lab for a particular sized opening.  A special brand and model of an 8-foot wide sliding glass door, for example, can be approved up to a 10-foot width…but that does not mean that a brand and model of a 10-foot wide sliding glass door unit is approved simply because it is approved up to 8 feet wide.

The problem that often occurs is the builder submits the products approval package along with the building plans without checking whether the products approval package actually matches the opening sizes in the building structure as shown on the plans.  The loose and disorganized stack of papers then shows an approved 8-foot wide sliding glass door units…but for a house that has a 10-foot wide slider at one of its bedrooms.

In this case, the plans checker must then return the plans to the builder for correction.  The sliding glass door opening is then reduced on the plans to 8 feet…or the architect specifies another sliding glass door that is approved up to 10 feet wide.

If the builder would spend a little time going through the products approval package before plans submittal…many corrections like this example could be eliminated.