One idea to create more user-friendly plans is to use the open space on each page of the plans for adding details and schedule tables that apply to that page.

Why should field people flip back and forth from the floor plans to a back page containing details and schedules…when plenty of room on the floor plan page itself exists for this information?

If the architectural plans first floor has a note saying “see structural S6.4”…why not have this structural detail cut-and-paste on to some open space on this architectural first floor page?

And why can’t printing occur on both sides of a page?  The floor plan, for example, could be on the right side of an opened set of plans…and the applicable details and schedule tables could be printed on the reverse side of the previous page.

These details, tables, and schedules can be reduced in size to fit around the open spaces to suit each particular page…yet still retained in their correct scale in their normal location in the plans.

With some new and original re-thinking in terms of plans layout…the total number of pages of building plans might be cut by one-third…making each set of plans cheaper, lighter, and easier to use on the jobsite.