For example, a bowed wall framing stud by itself can be easily removed by the framer…requiring only one repair effort.

A bowed or twisted 4×6 or 4×8 structural post in the wall framing…with electrical wires running through it requires the framing carpenter and the electrician…if the post needs to be replaced.

A bowed wall along the floor baseboard…if not discovered until the wall is drywalled, painted, and the baseboard installed…requires three or more separate building trades to repair and straighten.

A bowed wall along a bathroom floor…with square-shaped ceramic tile flooring…that is not discovered until very late at the time of the homebuyer walkthrough…requires not only the framing carpenter, drywaller, painter, and finish carpenter…but also the floor tile installer…to replace the tiles at the bowed wall after the wall is straightened.

The longer a problem or construction bug goes undetected…the worse the repair can get.