Every time the same problem occurs on a multi-unit tract housing or condominium project…the development company owners and managers indirectly participate in the learning process.

If the same mistake is repeated on five projects by five different people over a period of time…the company owners and managers are experiencing the ill effects of that same mistake five times instead of only once.

It is more cost-effective to record the mistake the first time it happens and educate everyone to prevent the mistake from happening again.

No one in the field can be expected to anticipate every potential construction problem.  Mistakes and problems are part of housing construction.  From the perspective of the person in the field…a problem that is truly a bug is unexpected and unforeseeable…and therefore pardonable.

But the housing development company owner or manager who knowingly or unknowingly participates in that same debugging four or five times…is failing to recognize the leadership opportunity that exists.  All owners and managers should be motivated to initiate a debugging process in an effort to prevent the relearning of the same housing construction lessons over and over.