Housing development company managers who do not have a construction background do not know where to begin to initiate changes that would be beneficial to building construction.  Development company owners and managers with backgrounds in real estate, finance, law, and accounting seldom promote innovation in the technical area of the business because they do not understand or are not interested in the nuts-and-bolts details of building construction.

This lack of construction experience in the management of large housing development companies is not pointed out here merely for the sake of being critical.  Instead, it underscores a deeper problem that exists throughout the housing construction industry.  When housing development company owners and managers consciously or unconsciously distance themselves from the technical side of their business…and concentrate solely on finance, marketing, and architecture…the construction operations in the field suffer.

The major obstacle to improving housing construction is that housing development company owners and managers do not realize that they are the key players to start the improvement process.

MBAs, CPAs, and real estate people should not be expected to have the technical knowledge and practical field experience to analyze the construction…but they are in positions that can commit and allocate the time and resources necessary…for more effective and extensive construction analysis and debugging.