One of the omissions that builders and architects sometimes make involving condominium projects…is the failure to provide storage space for common area maintenance supplies.

For condominium projects with recreation rooms adjacent to swimming pools or tennis courts, there usually is a closet or small room for the storage of cleaning supplies…which can also be used to store exterior paint and leftover construction materials.

For projects without recreation rooms, no extra space is provided to store common area maintenance supplies.

I once completed the construction of a 43-unit condominium project in which the painting subcontractor was required to provide extra paint in assorted 5-gallon buckets…for later use to touchup exterior surfaces, and interior walls and trim.

The only problem was the lack of any common area storage space on the project.  If 5-gallon buckets of paint were given to one of the early homebuyers to keep on behalf of the project…until the remainder of the homebuyers moved-in…how could the builder be sure the homeowner would not use this extra paint to repaint their unit?

On this particular project…there was leftover ceramic tile, tile grout, bags of stucco, cans of paint, window screens, concrete roof tiles, and miscellaneous pieces and parts that would have been useful to the homeowners association.

Although the builder moved these materials from empty garage to empty garage until the project was sold-out…with no place to store these various materials…they all had to be thrown away.