During the early period of a project’s homeowners association (HOA), there are relatively few occupancies and attendance is low at meetings.  The builder can then comfortably schedule the HOA meetings on weekday afternoons for the convenience of the builder’s staff and the HOA management company.

Scheduling HOA meetings every third Tuesday of each month at 3:00 Pm, for example, allows the builder and the HOA management to hold the HOA meetings during normal business hours rather than on weekday evenings.

After homeowners start to move in, some builders change the HOA meetings to weekday evenings to accommodate the homeowners who have to work during the day but want to attend HOA meetings.

This new time change, however, requires the builder’s staff and the HOA management staff to attend meetings after normal work hours.  If the builder has several projects in progress…salaried employees must sacrifice several nights each month to attend these meetings.

Builders should take a second look at this practice.  There is no legal or ethical reason why the builder or the HOA management company should schedule HOA evening meetings for the benefit of the homeowners…when these meetings could just as effectively be held during normal business hours.

The idea that homeowners cannot take off one afternoon from work each month to attend HOA meetings compared to the builder and HOA management staff spending several evenings each month attending HOA meetings is unrealistic.

As attending HOA meetings is part of the job description for the builder’s property manager…these meetings should be held during normal workday hours…like any other business meetings.