In choosing an HOA management company, the builder should ask how the management company prepares the agenda for each HOA meeting.

The best procedure from the builder’s standpoint is for the HOA Management company to perform all the research up front and present the facts surrounding a particular issue on the meeting agenda so that a quick vote can be made.  This process is called putting together a board packet for each HOA meeting.

For example, suppose the HOA is receiving proposals for insurance coverage.  The HOA management company should investigate and analyze the various insurance proposals on behalf of the HOA, present this comparative information under the heading for “New Business” on the HOA meeting agenda, and make a recommendation.

All that is then required during the HOA meeting is a review of the facts…and a vote.  Time is saved during each HOA meeting…because each agenda line-item can be quickly voted upon simply by virtue of the fact that the issues have been researched thoroughly ahead of time, and efficiently arranged and presented…by the management company in the board packet.