A second suggestion is to conduct a walkthrough of the HOA management company’s office.  The builder can get an idea about the professional level of the management company’s office staff and environment.  The management company then has an opportunity to demonstrate the sophistication of its operation…its information and records keeping systems…its policies and procedures…and its personnel.

A third line of inquiring is the education and professional certifications of the account executives within the HOA management company.

A fourth question is how often the property manager visits each project.  The property manager should walk the landscaping for each project once a month with the landscaper and a member of the HOA landscape committee, visit each project once a week, and have HOA meetings once a month.

The purpose of the project visits should be to take a proactive approach in identifying and resolving problems before they become homeowner complaints.

A fifth question to ask is how strictly the management company follows the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern the project.  For example, if automobile parking becomes a problem…does the management company enforce the rules contained in the CC&Rs and give parking citations?