For projects with panoramic views of golf courses, mountains, hillsides, rivers, streams, and ocean views…the builder should physically lay-out the placement of new trees using visual line-of-sights out through the windows of the sales office and the models units.

In coordination with the landscaping plans for the sales office and the sales models…the views out each individual window can thus be maximized in terms of actual placement and size of tree…when following the landscaping plan precisely may produce tree placements that are slightly off and not optimum for a particular view.

One method to achieve optimum placements of the trees is to have someone stand outside at the approximate location of a tree or large shrub per the landscape plans…and hold up a push broom or a cardboard mock-up of a tree.

The decision-maker then stands at the particular window…moves the person holding the broom to the best location to maximize the view…then the exact spot chosen is marked.

This simple operation can add a subtle but important benefit to the project…getting the most out of a particular view.