In scheduling for the sales models opening for production tract housing and condominiums…the builder should consider that electricity must be on for air-conditioning to be operating at the time that indoor plants are placed in the interior of the sales models.

To turn the electricity on…the final electrical inspection must be passed by the city building department…the electrical utility released, and the electrical meters set.  The air-conditioning units can then be fired-up and tested.

If the grand opening occurs in the summer, for example, the indoor plants must be protected from the heat.  Because installing indoor plants is not a normal construction activity…and therefore not thought of during construction scheduling…it can be easily overlooked when planning for the sales models grand opening.

The mistake to avoid here is not allowing enough lead-time for the air-conditioning to be up and running for the installation of sales models furniture which includes indoor plants.  These indoor plants must be in place to complete the interior decorating…for the promotional photography shoot…which typically takes place several weeks before the actual sales models grand opening date.