For some multi-unit, production tract housing…the homebuilder does not provide hardscape walkways, patios, garden walls, or landscaping.

When this is the case, it is a good practice for the builder to include within the homebuyer information package an informative booklet or pamphlet explaining the importance of maintaining the finish grading contours around the house…which were graded per the plans and often part of the final building inspection.

On one particular large tract housing project…a homebuyer hired an inexpensive landscaping person who did not have a contractor’s license.  This landscaper installed and entire backyard concrete under-pour slab covered by terracotta pavers…all sloping downward toward the sliding glass door of the house and even with the sliding glass door bottom track.  When it rained, the water run-off naturally flowed toward the sliding glass door and leaked into the house interior.

Apparently this landscaping person had no idea about the concept of swales, drainage, and storm water run-off…but equally the requirement to drop the grading elevations and export dirt to allow for under-pour concrete slabs and hard surface tile flooring…to match the final grading contours designed to channel sheet-flow water drainage away from the house and off the property.