For multi-unit condominium projects…the builder is required to manage the project for a period of time until enough units are occupied to turn control over to the homeowners association.

During the planning phase of the project, the builder and the design team determine the number and locations of trash bin areas based on an estimate of the trash generated per unit, the number of units in the project, and the number of trash pickups per week…in consultation with the local waste disposal company and the city or county planning department.

As a proactive preventive measure, the homebuilder should also account for ahead of time a means for the removal of the extra boxes and trash generated when a phase  (group) of new homebuyers are moving into their condominiums.

The trash accumulated at the trash bin area can be many times greater than the normal amount generated after everyone has moved in.  By planning ahead an arranging for extra pickups of boxes and trash during this busy time period…the builder can avoid getting telephone calls from homebuyers complaining of trash bin enclosures that stacked full and overflowing with assorted boxes and trash from move-ins.

Another approach that might be cheaper is to rent a roll-off bin for a few weeks for this exceptional trash generated during a period of homebuyer move-ins.

The builder should also discuss with new homebuyers moving in that they break-up and squash boxes flat before throwing them into trash bins or a roll-off bin.