For production multi-unit tract housing and condominiums…one issue the builder should consider is whether or not to include a separate, “dedicated” 220-volt circuit and outlet in the laundry room or closet during construction…placed next to the gas pipe…for new homebuyers bringing with them at move-in an electric clothes dryer…rather than purchasing a new gas dryer.

If the new house or condominium is purchased late in the construction…adding a separate 220-volt dedicated circuit is not easy if the breaker panel is on the other side of the house or in the garage…depending on the floor layout of the house interior and the location of the laundry room.

For the builder…it is not expensive to include the additional circuit and 220-volt outlet receptacle phased into the construction for the option of the homebuyer using an electric clothes dryer…whether or not many homebuyers actually use this option.

Some cities and counties are now requiring as a building permit requirement for all new residential construction the inclusion of a car-charging device for electrical automobiles…placed inside the garage.  As demands for “green energy” change in the near future…including the option of gas and electric in the laundry room…if not already doing that…might be a smart choice.