Even in production tract houses and condominiums that have been finished in excellent condition…some new homebuyers occasionally will still criticize minute painting flaws on the surfaces of doors, door jams, door casing, baseboard, wood wainscot, cabinets, and wall surfaces during the homebuyer walkthrough.

Instead of noting every small complaint individually on the walkthrough sheet…resulting in a long list of minor paint touchup items…it is a better approach to make a general note that additional paint touchup remains to be done.

The builder should then give the homebuyer several sheets of the adhesive colored dots…or a roll of blue colored painter’s masking tape…for marking exactly where the homebuyer would like areas puttied, sanded, and repainted.  The builder should then make it clear that the homebuyer gets only one opportunity to mark paint touchup…to point out areas in their judgment that needs paint pickup repairs…and after this the painting phase of customer service is complete.

This approach works well for all parties involved.  The builder can satisfy the homebuyer without arguing over painting quality standards during the walkthrough…while transferring the burden of obtaining better quality directly into the homebuyer’s direction.  And because the homebuyer has the final word in this process…even though the requests might be slightly above what is reasonable in the house or condominium price-range…the painter knows that they will have no further painting touchup call-backs once the homebuyer is satisfied.

This approach should only be used occasionally for the rare, very discriminating homebuyer in the lower priced-range of production tract housing and condominiums.  But a separate paint touchup session after the walkthrough and after move-in is an excellent feature provided by builders in the mid-priced range of production housing.