One argument for the proactive approach of making in advance a list of and ordering assorted extra parts that could become short during the customer service prep phase…for production tract housing and condominiums…is to minimize parts being robbed out of empty inventory units to complete other units.

In the time crunch to prepare units for upcoming homebuyer walkthroughs, it is faster and smarter for the builder’s customer service prep crew to rob parts out of empty units rather than ordering the missing parts.  It is better to have a walkthrough in a unit that has all its parts in place…even if the parts were taken out of other units…than to tell the homebuyer at the walkthrough that a window screen, a dishwasher front panel, or a dented door knob is on backorder and will be delivered in two weeks.

The problem to minimize is that during the course of a large project…the prep crew will continue to rob the same parts over and over again to replace the dented doorknob they robbed five houses ago.  Without new replacement parts accessible to the customer service prep crew…the same towel bar, sliding glass door handle, or cabinet pull knob can be removed and installed several times in empty units out ahead…to meet the expediency of the moment in attempting to produce zero-item homebuyer walkthroughs.

A starting list of extra parts to have on the jobsite at the completion of the construction…to be used by the customer service prep crew to replace damaged or missing parts might be:

  • window handles
  • sliding glass door handles
  • cabinet door handles and pull knobs…and screws
  • cabinet door silencer felt pads
  • cabinet shelf clips
  • interior doorknobs
  • doorstops
  • towel bars
  • toilet paper holders
  • a few medicine cabinets