The builder’s customer service department can save time making a lot of unnecessary maintenance repairs…in multi-unit production tract housing and condominium projects…by supplying the new homebuyers with a move-in kit at the time of the walkthrough.

This kit can include the following:

  • flat touchup paint for the interior walls
  • enamel touchup paint for the interior doors and wood trim
  • one small can of spackling paste
  • a plastic putty knife
  • one hand-squeeze tube of latex caulking
  • one or two throw-away paint brushes
  • hand-squeeze tubes of tile grout caulking to match the kitchen and bathrooms
  • one can of spray lubricant

If the builder can get the painting contractor to supply the touchup paint and throw-away brushes, and the tile contractor to supply the tile grout caulking, the remainder of the move-in kit costs less than $25 per house.

Providing these repair materials, a simple instruction pamphlet, and taking a few minutes during the walkthrough to explain simple maintenance repairs…can save the builder’s customer service crew many hours on a large housing project…responding to customer service requests that should have been homeowner’s maintenance.

The homeowner can perform minor paint touchup and fill small dents in the drywall caused by the furniture movers, and fill tile grout hairline settlement cracks at countertops and bathtubs & showers…if they have the right materials at hand.