The builder can simplify customer service repair work…in low-price, multi-unit production tract housing and condominiums…by keeping a thorough record of the materials used during the construction…and providing the customer service department with this information as construction nears completion.

This information should include everything the customer service department might need for future repairs.

Exterior paints and stains, stucco colors, interior paints and stains, common area hallway paint colors, ceramic tile and grout colors, appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, hardware, and flooring and colors are merely a few of the materials that can be listed for the benefit of customer service.

When this information is not made available…is not “at the fingertips” of the onsite customer service repairperson at the beginning of customer service…much time is spent telephoning subcontractors and suppliers in the investigative mode…trying to find out what material was used where and how to get more.

This situation is especially acute for the sales models at the time of conversion to becoming sellable units…where four or five sales-model houses or condominium units all have different interior decorator schemes…with custom accent-color wall paint, wallpaper, and upgraded tile, marble, and wood hard-surface flooring.  For the customer service crew…something as simple as filling settlement cracks at the kitchen countertop splash tile becomes a time-consuming, major investigative effort to discover the brand and color of the tile grout used.

By having all of this information on a materials specifications list…the customer service person can spend more time coordinating and making repairs rather than hunting for brand names, model numbers, and colors.