Two important objectives exist regarding the newly constructed house or condominium…homebuyer walkthrough…which affects the choices for approach, tone, and the person selected to conduct the walkthrough.

The first thought is that the walkthrough should be a very positive experience for the new homebuyer.  The purchase of a new house is the largest investment most people will ever make, and the excitement of buying a new home is understandable and expected.

For this reason, some homebuilders think that the walkthrough should be conduct by a sales-type person…who will present the new house or condominium in a champagne-cork-popping celebration atmosphere.

A second thought is that the walkthrough is a serious exercise…in which the builder gives an orientation of the new house and how everything works…explains the rules for future warranty work…and “walks through” the entire house at a pace that allows the new homebuyer to look at and test everything…with the goal that any issues will be noted and recorded on the walkthrough sheet.

This aspect of the walkthrough should be conducted by a construction person…who not only can explain how the house works, answers questions…but also has a good sense of the industry standards of quality for the price range of the product.

In production housing, where the builder might build several hundred houses or more per year…the emphasis must be placed in the second objective.  It is in the interest of the builder to answer as many homebuyer questions as possible and settle any quality issues at the time of the walkthrough.  Otherwise, any leftover questions the homebuyers have regarding quality can result in customer service requests for repairs or corrections that are unreasonable for that price range of product.