When the customer service and pre-walkthrough prep crews are restricted by the project budget, the result is a compromised, mediocre level of construction quality…for new housing construction in the low-priced, economy range.

Homebuilding company owners and top managers cannot reasonably expect optimum, high-level construction quality and fast customer service call-back response times if quality and customer service is treated like any other budget line-item to be cut to the bare minimum in the interests of economy.

Some large homebuilders typically staff their projects with a single customer service repair person because of budget limits…who cannot possibly provide the pre-walkthrough prep work needed to keep up with brisk sales…in order to turn over a high-quality product at walkthrough…while simultaneously providing quick response to homebuyer customer service demands.

In this arrangement, some homebuyers wait weeks or months for their repair requests to be fixed because the single customer service representative is spread too thin.

If the builder wants to provide a higher level of construction quality and customer service, a commitment must be made to provide the additional resources above the minimum standard approach.  If the customer service field staff size is not large enough to be able to respond to repair requests within a day or two after being received…and if homebuyer walkthroughs are averaging more than 5 to 10 items (3 or less on average should be the goal) per walkthrough in the low-priced, economy range…then the project is understaffed or not be coordinated and managed properly.