When housing sales are slow…for new tract housing and condominiums…there is always the problem of who will install baseshoe over newly installed vinyl flooring as each inventory house or apartment unit is sold.

Because sales might come at the rate of only one or two units per week, it is difficult to ask the finish carpentry contractor to come back to the jobsite to install baseshoe in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room for only a couple of hours a few times a week when the construction was completed months or even years ago.

Some homebuilders have the finish carpenter cut-and-tack the baseshoe loosely to the wall to be removed by the vinyl flooring installer…then reinstalled after the flooring is laid.

This method works adequately…except that the homebuilder and the finish carpenter must guess ahead of time which probable areas the homebuyer will choose vinyl flooring.  On a large project, this results in installing more baseshoe than necessary in areas to be carpeted, or not installing baseshoe in areas that might get vinyl flooring…such as in a family room adjacent to the kitchen.

The method of cut-and-tack also results in small pieces of baseshoe being lost by the flooring installer…which must then be completed by the builder during the final prep phase.

When sales are good and units are sold…the flooring selections by the homebuyers are made in advance of the completion of the construction.  The finish carpentry crew is still on the jobsite and can break free at the time of vinyl flooring to install painted or stained baseshoe in every kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room that get vinyl.

When sales are slow…one of two approaches is typically used.  Either the cut-and-tack method…with the removal and re-installation of baseshoe included in the flooring contract…or the homebuilder’s customer service prep crew cuts and installs pre-painted and pre-stained baseshoe periodically to match sales.