Apartment and condominium projects with fire sprinklers sometimes have a system monitored by a fire alarm company and the fire department.

For this system, it I a good practice to remove the hose-bib handle at the flow meters inside each new homebuyer’s garage…to prevent an unknowing or unsuspecting guest from mistakenly using the fire-sprinkler system hose-bib (used to empty the fire sprinkler piping of water in order to make repairs) to wash a car or water exterior flower pots…for example.

The problem to avoid here is that using the fire sprinkler hose-bib instead of the domestic water hose-bib can set off the flow meter switch and activate the fire alarm…the system interpreting the loss of water to a fire sprinkler head going off at a fire inside the house.

By removing the fire sprinkler hose-bib…the user must look for the domestic water hose-bib.

When a service repair person works on the fire sprinkler system, one of the first things they do is temporarily deactivate the fire alarm.  The handle to the fire sprinkler hose-bib can then be taken from its storage location inside the garage…and used to empty the fire sprinkler piping of water.  The service person also should carry a spare handle…or the handle from the domestic hose-bib can temporarily be removed for use.