New apartment and condominium buildings have fire sprinklers and require a fire inspection by the local fire marshal.

During the inspection, the fire marshal might require additional items not shown in the plans or included in the plans specifications.

These additional items can include the installation of fire extinguishers on the exterior of the buildings at certain locations, the placement of a labeled box containing extra fire sprinkler heads for future maintenance repairs…stored in a utility meter room, for example…and a label placed in each homeowner’s garage informing the homeowners where these extra sprinkler heads are.

All of these provisions help the homeowners association maintain the fire sprinkler system.

The builder should have a clause in the fire sprinkler contract that requires the contractor to comply with any fire code regulations…whether or not they are shown on the plans or mentioned in the project specifications.  The scope-of-work section of the contract should specifically mention fire extinguishers, extra heads, and labels that might be requested by the fire marshal.