Some types of new residential construction require that the builder furnish fire extinguishers to be mounted on the interior garage walls of each unit.

In this case, the fire extinguishers should not be placed on the wall-mounted brackets at the finish phase of the construction…before the homebuyers move in.  Instead, they should be left unopened inside their cardboard boxes and placed somewhere within the kitchen cabinets (probably under the kitchen sink) to be installed by the homebuyer after move-in.

The reason here for this practice is that small-sized fire extinguishers for home use…laced on their metal attachment brackets inside garages before occupancy are often stolen by tradespeople.

People like to keep small fire extinguishers inside the rear trunk of their cars or work trucks.  A fire extinguisher mounted on the wall of any unoccupied, unlocked garage in a housing tract or condominium project…which can be removed simply by pulling it from the mounting bracket…is a situation that invites theft.

The builder must then purchase additional fire extinguishers to replace the ones that are stolen.