One positive reason for the homebuilder to install light bulbs in all of the interior light fixtures…with the electricity turned on in the builder’s name…in production housing…prior to homebuyer walkthroughs and occupancy…is that light is provided for the final drywall and painting pick-up work.  Drywall repair people can then see small dents and scrapes on walls in otherwise dark hallways, stairways, bathrooms, and closets.

With interior lighting on, the painter can see the final drywall repair texture spots and any missed final smudges on the walls…and metallic lines left on the baseboard resulting from the carpet installation and final cleanup vacuuming.

When left up to the new homebuyer to obtain electricity and to install the interior light bulbs…the defects that could not be seen earlier become immediately apparent in bright light.

Even when unsold inventory units have electricity turned on under a “clean and show” rate in the builder’s name…adequate lighting does not exist unless the builder also installs light bulbs as part of the new home package.