The installation of carpeting…in production tract housing and condominiums…should be the cut-off point at which the tradespeople are no longer allowed to freely enter the units.

At this point during the construction, the tradespeople are still in the production mode of thinking…even after carpeting is installed.  They can track dirt and even mud onto freshly laid carpet because they are still thinking in the “hurry-up and get the work done, someone else will clean up after me” mindset.

By keeping the exterior entry doors locked after the carpeting is in…the tradespeople cannot just walk in without thinking…but must have the builder either give them a key or personally let them inside.  The builder can then remind the tradespeople to take off their shoes before entering.

The locked doors transforms the attitude from the production mode to the customer service phase…the point at which units are no longer under construction but are now finished units ready for occupancy