It is this final prep punchlist that sets the tone for the entire homebuyer warranty relationship.  Units that are complete, clean, and polished at the time of the walkthrough, because the builder has pre-walked and detailed the units…results in homebuyers who start off feeling good about their purchase.

After the first 10 minutes of the walkthrough, homebuyers realize that the builder has put time and effort into product quality…and they begin to relax and think about the joy of their new home.

When the builder can remove the new homebuyer’s fears by providing good quality, walkthroughs have shorter lists, customer service call-backs are light, and new homebuyers have more patience and tolerance for the builder when future warranty problems do arise.

The homebuilders in the low-priced, economy range…who do not take the time to make a final prep punchlist, do not have a final detail prep crew, or do not have people with a good eye for quality…are the builders who end up with homebuyers who find dozens of minor defects after moving in.

These homebuyers send in lengthy customer service complaint letters and keep the onsite customer service repair crew buried in minor repairs throughout the duration of the project…fixing things that should have been corrected before the homebuyers ever moved in.