One of the most important checklists the homebuilder makes that affects quality and the satisfaction of the new homebuyer is the punchlist after completion of the flooring, final cleanup, and finish paint touchup…and after the electrical meter has been installed and electricity been turned in the builder’s name…with light bulbs installed.

This final punchlist is produced for the builder’s prep crew and anticipates ahead of time what the homebuyer would otherwise see during the walkthrough…if not fixed beforehand.

At this late stage in the construction…all the missing parts and other subcontractor pickup items hopefully have been corrected from the final construction punchlist.  The final construction punchlist was compiled a week or two earlier, after the box-out and sweep phase just before flooring installation.

The only items remaining for the final punchlist should be detail items…such as caulking tile hair-line grout settlement cracks, removing any missed paint drips or overspray, cleaning any dirt smudges or stains missed by the final cleaning crew, performing final adjustments, final paint touchup missed by the painter, testing plumbing faucets, testing appliances, and any other fine-tuning visual details.

The person producing the final punchlist must have a good eye for quality…and should spend an hour or more going through the entire house or condominium looking for things the new homebuyer during the upcoming walkthrough…or after move-in.

This inspection by the builder in preparation for turning over the unit to the new homebuyer…must be as thorough as the most discriminating homebuyer’s inspection.  The final prep punchlist cannot be a casual 10-minute run-through of the unit…because all the minor problems will not be noticeable at a quick glance only.

If the builder’s representative first satisfies himself or herself that the unit is in top condition, the builder can then display the new house to the homebuyer with the confidence that whatever additional things the new homebuyer finds during the walkthrough…and after move-in…will be very minor indeed.